BaldTees T-Shirt review

This T-Shirt is BaldTastic!!


Yep, That’s right @BaldTees T-Shirts are definitely BaldTastic! Whats the definition of BaldTastic you ask? Baldtastic is a fantastic moment in a Bald Mans life, and that’s definitely what I had when I opened my mailbox and saw a package from my new friend Erik Carlson, Founder of @BaldTees. I found @BaldTees on twitter through searching for BaldGuy T-shirts, I love BaldGuy T-Shirts and what they represent. They represent freedom and a growing Lifestyle that has more men flocking toward the Bald lifestyle everyday. As soon as I opened my package the first word I saw was Bald and I knew I’d love this T-Shirt. I wasted no time in putting my new black cotton Bald T-Shirt from @BaldTees on without washing it, it felt nice and comfortable and the size was just right. The true test to me was how it fit after being washed and dry-ed. I wear a lot of long sleeve shirts under my T-Shirts during the winter time and even after being laundered this T-shirt still fits the same way which is a grand slam in my book. Not only does sell the Bald (Obey) T-Shirt in different sizes and colors. The shirts themselves are from the brand Gildan and are 100% pre-shrunk cotton classic-cut standard weight T-Shirt. From personal experience I will testify to you that I’ve owned a lot of great T-Shirts in my time and the pre-shrunk Gildan brand delivers what it sells.

My new Bald T-Shirt from @BaldTees fit perfectly over my long-sleeved shirt before and after its journey through my washer and dryer. There are several more optional T-Shirts to choose from all at $14.99 ranging in size and different colors to choose from. Erik Carlson or @BaldTees as we know him on Twitter is the founder of Lighten Up Gear which makes funny and serious Christian T-Shirts “as simple as that” as he puts it. The Lighten Up Gear T-Shirts are designed to start conversations with one another, which is a splendid idea if you ask me. Erik Carlson is a Guy that you want to know, on his about page on the Lighten Up Gear website he talks about his aspirations to God, Family, and his T-Shirt line. Here is a sample of what you will find on the about us page on

We appreciate you supporting Lighten Up Gear and we want to support others. So we earmark 10% of our profits to go to charitable organizations. So not only do you get a sweet t-shirt when you buy from Lighten Up Gear, but you also help the world. You could provide food and an education for a child in Uganda. You could help a refugee family get their feet under them here in the United States. You could help stop the trafficking of children.

I think that once you read the About Us section on the Lighten Up Gear website you’re gonna want to start buying his shirts. Erik Carlson is definitely going to make a mark on humanity. @BaldTees is just a division of LightenUpGear. com, you can find links to both websites no matter which one you go to first. That’s right Erik Carlson says his T-Shirt lines are just a side job right now until it really takes off. With as much ambition as this guy has it wont be long until he does this full time.

So, what are my final thoughts of @BaldTees fabulous T-Shirts? Their Fabulous! Erik Carlson designs great T-Shirts for Bald men and fabulous T-Shirts for Christian men and woman alike. Erik Carlson @BaldTees has definitely got a great T-Shirt line going, I think he is someone in the Bald Community we should watch because sooner or later his T-Shirts are going to very popular especially after reading his About us page and discovering that he is a well-rounded BaldGuy. His T-shirt line is definitely BaldGuy tough and BaldNation approved!

You can find Erik Carlson and his awesome T-Shirts by following the links provided below. Christian T-Shirts that spark conversations. T-Shirts for Bald men and Woman
@BaldTees on twitter
BaldTees on facebook
BaldTees on instagram




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