Bald-Life T-Shirt

Living the Bald-Life just got even better!


I love T-Shirts! Red, blue, black or grey, no matter what the color is I love them all. I especially love Bald related T-Shirts! Why? Well first and foremost because I’m Bald and loving every minute of it. Wearing a Bald related T-Shirt is telling every one around you that being Bald is fantastic. Do you have to wear a Bald related T-Shirt to be happy being Bald? Of course not, but wearing a Bald related T-Shirt and a big smile at the same time just says to folks that your lack of hair does nothing but makes you happy on an every day basis. Now I don’t consider my self to be an insensitive guy, I know that there are a percentage of men that have a lot of emotional attachment to their hair and when they start to lose it, it can be an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes they can’t get past losing their hair and I have a lot of empathy for these gentlemen. On the other hand I also celebrate baldness to the full extent and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Once you hop on over to the other side of the Bald life your going to quickly see that the water is fine. In fact it’s so fine it sizzles and that’s were you will also find Bald-Life.Com and their #Baldtastic T-Shirts geared towards the Bald lifestyle and the Bald individuals they cater to. What I like most of all about Bald-Life.Com is the story of how Bald-Life came to be. The owner and founder of Bald-Life.Com is also Bald so he knows all about the baggage that can come along with loosing your hair. Instead of letting the thought of Baldness ruin his life he turned it around and decided to make Bald life T-Shirts celebrating Baldness, and celebrating Baldness is exactly what you will do when wearing one of their fantastic Shirts. I found Bald-Life.Com and decided right away that I had to wear one of their T-Shirts. After some communication with Bald-Life my new Bald-Life T-Shirt was sitting on my doorstep just waiting for me to wear and celebrate the Bald lifestyle and all of its glory.

When I opened my package courtesy of Bald-Life.Com this is what it contained. One Bald Life T-Shirt and a Bald Life sticker. The T-Shirt that was in the package from Bald-Life.Com came with some great features that makes this T-Shirt robust and strong as well as soft and comfortable. Over the years I’ve become a big fan of the color red. The Heather Red color this shirt came in is a softer red that’s easy on your eyes. On the front of the T-Shirt is the company’s logo of a Bald head with ears in a bold black outline. At the bottom of the Bald headed logo outline is the name Bald Life. The Bald-Life T-Shirts are semi-fitted and pre-shrunk with ring spun cotton making this T-Shirt some what snug against your chest but still loose enough to hang. The ring spun cotton makes this T-Shirt feel comfortable against your skin every time you decide to wear it and celebrate the Bald lifestyle.

Not only is the Bald-Life T-Shirt robust and rugged, but it’s also light weight at 50% polyester and 25% rayon this T-Shirt is soft and comfortable it doesn’t feel to heavy when you’re wearing it, you feel like you can actually breathe and that’s always a plus to me. As soon as I opened the package that this T-Shirt came in I put it on and it was just as comfortable then as it is now. It has gone through my washer and dryer several times and the graphics on the front of the T-Shirt are still just as bold as before. This T-Shirt really is made to last. You’re definitely living the Bald Life when you put this T-Shirt on. Maybe I need six or seven more to wear every day of the week!

So what are my final thoughts on the Bald Life T-Shirt from Baldtastic is the word that comes to mind. This T-Shirt from Bald-Life.Com will definitely have you living the Bald lifestyle every time you put it on. It’s light weight being 50% polyester and 25% rayon. The ring spun cotton makes this T-Shirt soft and comfortable right out of the package. This semi-fitted T-Shirt will fit your body just right with still enough room to move. I love this T-Shirt more every time I wear it. If you’re Bald and you want to show off your Bald pride by wearing a great Bald related T-Shirt then look no further than Bald-Life.Com. Their Bald Life T-Shirt will definitely have you celebrating the Bald lifestyle every day. The Bald Life T-Shirt from Bald-Life.Com is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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