Bald Dudes Club T-shirt

Be apart of a club that makes a difference!The Bald Dudes Club!


Have you ever wanted to be apart of a club but you don’t want to participate in any of the activities? Have you ever wanted to join a club because it has cool T-Shirts and other swag but you are not into what the club stands for? Have you ever wanted to be apart of a club and just be yourself? Welcome to the Bald Dudes Club, were you have several paid membership levels but there’s always a free membership available. The only membership rule is to embrace your baldness whether its by choice or half way there!

Garrick Crocker, a Bald Guy himself, is the founder and creator of the Bald Dudes Club. He wanted to create a place where all Bald or Balding individuals can meet and join a community whenever they want. Garrick realizes that our Bald Community always needs a place were anyone in the Bald community can go to be free of ridicule and Baggage just from living the Bald Lifestyle, and before he knew it, The Bald Dudes Club was created.The Bald Dudes Club is growing bigger each day with more members and lots of changes to come to build one of the best Bald community to join on the internet . That’s right for a smooth membership one of the perks is this Bald Dudes Club T-shirt. This T-Shirt is tough and rugged but soft and comfortable at the same time and represents one of our Bald communities core value, tough but gentle! I had the pleasure of wearing this T-Shirt many times and its been through the paces with me. I’m tough on my T-Shirts and this T-Shirt stands the test of time. Just like our Bald community.

The color of my new Bald Dudes Club T-Shirt is blue, the color is not to bright but not faded as well. The Bald Dudes club logo is located on the front of the shirt and is the main graphic of this rugged T-Shirt. The club logo also has a set of wings attached to it giving the logo a nice touch. The logo also has the text member in smaller letters located under the logo itself making Bald Dudes Club T-shirt its own business card. What a great idea! That Garrick Crocker what a smart Bald Guy he is! Along with my T-Shirt I received in the mail after a conversation with Garrick from, there were also several Bald Dudes Club stickers which found a place on my laptop! Although this T-Shirt is tough and rugged you should always turn your T-Shirts inside out before washing to preserve what ever graphics are on the shirt itself. Take pride in the Bald community and show your spirit with this T-Shirt from the and let your inner Bald Guy out!

If you ever just feel like showing off your Bald pride for no reason at all this is the T-Shirt for the job! I wear this T-Shirt from several times a week and it never gets old! You can really let your inner Bald guy out no matter what day of the week it is with this T-Shirt on and not even realize you are doing it! So what if it’s below freezing outside and you have to wear a hat to keep that well-groomed dome of yours nice and warm? No problem! Wearing this T-Shirt from says Hello I’m Bald and love living the Bald Lifestyle! You may be wearing a hat because of the weather or just because you want to, but this T-Shirt from says you’re all Bald guy underneath your hat you’re sporting for the day! I love wearing hats and I love being Bald so this shirt goes well with my hat, and, it’s the same color so it’s a win-win situation for me! I can stay warm and show of my Bald pride with a smile all at the same time. I love my BaldDudesClub T-Shirt and so will you! You get this Bald Dudes Club T-shirt when you purchase the smooth membership which consists of theses items as well as the T-Shirt with the BALD Dudes Club logo on the front and back at the top. The other content you receive is as follows

There are several membership options and one cost more than the other, However each higher paid membership level gets the same great product content from the previous membership several times a year. The shipments are called boxes. You can find the membership levels and prices with a list of content you will receive here at the So what are my final thoughts on the T-Shirt from the #Baldtastic is a word that comes to mind! This T-Shirt helps to represent a growing community of Bald men that believe that living the bald lifestyle is not only a privilege but a lifestyle. Garrick Crocker the founder and creator of the saw a growing need in the Bald community for a place Bald men could group and live the bald lifestyle the way its intended to be lived, by celebrating it one day at a time! I wear this T-Shirt proudly and support the This T-Shirt is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation! Have a #Baldtastic day! You can find the and the membership information by following this link at the

You can find Garrick Crocker and the on these social media platforms

(1.) Twitter
(2.) Facebook


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