WSP Week Three Summary

Shaving against the grain with WSP


The end of week three out of the six-week shave project with WSP products has been the same as the last couple of weeks. A great shave by a quality product, so today I want to talk about another product that has been a part of the six-week project as well that makes a positive impact on my daily shaves. The El Grande DE razor from is not what you call a fat razor just big-boned. I would agree with that statement. The El Grande DE razor from WSP is a great shave that adds quality to each shave.

This big-boned DE razor weights in at 75g which gives it a nice Heft. The handle itself is not fat but at 14mm in diameter is nothing to call thin either. This 14mm handle fromWSP is 85mm long making it shorter but not to short for an awkward shave. The handle is a solid piece of brass that is turned on a lathe and engrained with a deep knurling for maximum comfort and safety. No matter how wet you get the handle of the El Grande DE razor from WSP it wont slip out of your hands. The model 89 head of this DE razor from WSP is first molded from high quality Zamac then the handle and the head are both polished by hand on a buffing wheel. Both the head and the handle of the El Grande DE razor from WSP are plated with copper, then nickel and then finally chrome.

The packaging that the El Grande DE razor comes in is a black rectangle box that has a lid that lays over the top and folds over the side for better protection stopping the lid from opening and the razor falling out. When you open the lid you will notice the El Grande DE razor sits upside down in a molded insert for more protection. The El Grande razor fits tightly in this molded insert but not to tight that you have to work to get it out. Last but not least all of the information including the branded logo on the front of the box is white lettering. The white WSP logo and lettering information against the black box stands out and is easy to read. WSP has put a lot of thought into the packaging of the El Grande DE razor. You should never buy a product solely based on packaging, but when you find a product that is of good quality and the same in packaging, it’s a win-win in my book.

The shave with the El Grande DE razor from WSP is of equal quality as well. The heavier weight of the handle adds smoothness to your shave. The extra weight stops the razor from skipping and jumping across your Dome and face. The deep knurling adds extra grip to the handle preventing slipping when the handle gets wet during your nightly shave. The handle is big-boned not fat, a perfect width in diameter for a perfect fit during shaving. I’ve tried several grades of DE blades compared to aggressiveness and they all work well with the El Grande DE razor from WSP. The head shave with the El Grande DE razor from WSP is just as smooth and comfortable as it is on your face. The weight of the DE razor makes shaving the contours of your Dome smooth and fluid. maneuvering around your Dome during shaving is easily done because of the heft of the razor itself. Less pressure is needed meaning fewer accidents, razor burn, cuts and nicks. Overall the El Grande DE razor from WSP is a quality shave every time. I feel very fortunate to have the El Grande DE razor among my other razors in my shave cabinet. Have a #Baldtastic day!







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