WSP Week Four Summary

Shaving against the grain with WSP


At the end of week four out of the six week shave project and every day has been full of great shaves. From day one of the six week shave project to present day every shave has been smooth and comfortable. Each shave has provided a great slickness that has added a good cushion to the over abundance of lather produced from every tin of WSP soap. Lets talk about WSP lather in all of its glory!

Why does lather from WSP excite me so much? Well, I’m a lather kind of guy. I don’t think a non lathering soap is a deal breaker as long as it has a good slickness about it. The slickness in a non lathering soap should be the quality that stands out when you think about that particular brand of soap. WSP doesn’t have to worry about lack of lather. WSP is a concentrated vegan soap that does not contain synthetic dyes and preservatives. It only takes a couple of rotations of your shave brush to start a decent pre-lather you can then transfer into your shave bowl. After transferring the pre-lather into your shave bowl you can then build a bowl full of creamy, rich and robust lather. WSP lather no matter which soap it comes from contains all natural ingredients that helps keep the skin on your Dome and face nice and hydrated with a suppleness that adds pliability to your skin. These attributes help give you the smoothest shave that WSP can provide.

The head shave with WSP lather is just as smooth as the face shave especially when you keep the lather warm during your whole shave. An easy and cheap way to warm your lather is to fill a plastic bowl full of hot water and sit your ceramic shave bowl full of rich and thick WSP lather down inside of the bowl of hot water. Stir your lather every 30 seconds for about 2-3 minutes, and you have warm lather for your entire shave. If you are going to keep your lather warm you should make sure that you initially keep your lather in a thicker state since warming your lather will cause the consistency to lighten. Week four of the six week shave project with WSP products has come and gone and its been a great week. I cant wait to see what week five brings. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day! Thank you!


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