WSP Week Five Summary

shaving against the grain with WSP


At the end of week five out of the six week shave project with WSP it’s important that I show just how versatile the wet shaving products from WSP really are. I think It’s important to use versatile shave products especially if you have many to use at your dispersal. Although having said that, there is a lot to be said with using a complete shaving solution from one brand or product. A lot of times aftershave or pre-shave oil will compliment a shave soap or shaving cream from the same brand. The scent of the shaving soap or cream will match the scent of the aftershave and pre-shave oil because the product is from the same brand. If you use two shaving products from two different brands but the both have the same fragrance, it’s still a good possibility that the aroma will be different because they are from two separate brands.

If you use two different shaving products from two different brands you also have to pay close attention to the ingredients. If you are consciences about what you put on your skin you will want to watch the ingredients if you use a lot of different shaving products. Just because one product is vegan does not mean they all are. The shaving products from WSP takes all the worry out of knowing if one products aroma will compliment the other. It’s an easy answer, YES!! even if you decide to mix and match the scents of WSP shaving products the aromas are gentle and not overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely make a statement when in the bathroom, however, when the scents are mixed you still come out of the bathroom after a fresh shave smelling fantastic. With Coconut Oil and Glycerin as two of the main ingredients in each tin of the vegan and all natural shaving soap from WSP how can your skin not feel great after each shave?

The vegan and all natural shaving products from WSP are very versatile with other shaving products as well. The shaving soap from WSP compliments and is complimented with many other shave oils and after shaves across the board. I have not found a shave product yet that does not go well with the vegan and all natural shaving products from WSP. Naturally if you would ask me what pre and post prep shave products go well with WSP shaving products I would say the aftershave and pre-shave oil from WSP because it’s by the same brand and will have a matching aroma. That’s not to say other products wont work well with the shaving products from WSP. The WSP products can serve as a total shave solution with the combo of WSP pre-shave oil, shave soap and after shave or as a standalone product mixed with other brands. The choice is yours with what you shave with just try and make the shaving products from WSP a choice you make several times a week. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day! Thank You!


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