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Live the Bald lifestyle with this T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life!


I love T-Shirts, I love dark T-Shirts and light T-Shirts. I love baggy T-Shirts and I’ve found a new love for form-fitting T-Shirts as well. My all time favorite T-Shirts are Bald related T-shirts. You don’t need to wear a T-Shirt stating that you’re Bald for people to notice that you’re Bald, It’s pretty easy to see that. A Bald related T-Shirt is more of a novelty item to show your support for the Bald lifestyle. Bald related T-Shirts say to everyone else hello I love being Bald. I have many Bald related T-Shirts of different colors in my closet, and I love them all. They all represent a personal sign of freedom to me. The Freedom from our society that says if you are losing your hair you are less of a man. The stigma that follows men around stating, if your hair is turning gray you’re getting older and may not be as useful as you once were. This stigma is as strong today as it has been for a long time. That’s why we have certain products that offer to fix these stigmas for you through either dying your hair back to its normal color to try to make you feel younger, and make society think that you are once useful again. We also have products that claim to regrow your hair and give you a full head of hair restoring your youthful appearance once again.

The problem with these products are that they are not natural and eventually your hair will fall out anyways and that once dyed hair won’t fool anyone for long. once you reach a certain age it will become more apparent to the ones you are trying to fool that your dyed hair is exactly that, which is dyed hair. I say “SHAVE IT OFF!” and get down to the more important business of living. “SHAVE IT OFF” and leave behind all the emotional baggage that comes with losing your hair. Once you “SHAVE IT OFF” and realize that all the problems and heartaches of making sure that once dyed hair was all one color and not fading is no longer burdening you. Once you “SHAVE IT OFF” and realize you’re spending less time putting chemicals on your scalp to grow hair you will sigh a big sigh of relief. Once you “SHAVE IT OFF” just to shave it off and see your confidence level increase you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do exactly that in the first place. When you put on this REAL MEN GO BALD T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life on you’re going to want to “SHAVE IT OFF” on a daily basis and be done with of that pesky hair forever.

The REAL MEN GO BALD T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life is a power washed T-Shirt. What is a power washed T-Shirt and what does power wash mean? Power washed pertains to an enzyme wash that gives your T-Shirt the feel of being washed around 40 times but it’s still a brand new T-Shirt. Oh yes this shirt is comfortable and Bald related. I put it on as soon as it came in the mail and it has the same comfortable feeling as one of my older T-Shirts that has been washed many times. It has that great comfortable feel every time you wear it. It’s one of those T-Shirts that you can’t wait until the dryer is done so you can wear it again because of the soft feel of the fabric against your skin. You’re going to want to wear this T-Shirt because it gives you a safe feeling. I contribute that to the softness and comfortableness of this power washed T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life. When you have a favorite T-Shirt you wear it often and eventually it gets that worn in feel that make you love it even more. Your worn in favorite T-Shirt makes you feel safe and relaxed and this Bald related T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life will follow suite with your other favorite worn out T-Shirts but without the worn out part. The REAL MEN GO BALD T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life runs larger in size even after you wash it. If you wear a large T-Shirt you could get away with ordering a medium size and so on. This T-Shirt is baggy but yet form-fitting at the same time. It’s a perfect fit for the Bald guy that likes both. Even if you don’t like both you’re going to love wearing this comfortable Bald related T-Shirt to let your inner Bald guy out to play any time you want to. This REAL MEN GO BALD T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life comes in many different colors. The text on the front of the shirt reads “REAL MEN GO BALD” in big black block lettering that definitely lets everyone else around you know exactly what you are thinking. The block lettering looks and feels sturdy so you wont be afraid to wash this power T-Shirt again and again because the lettering will stay right were it belongs. Always remember to turn any T-Shirt with lettering or graphics inside out before washing it so the lettering or graphics don’t fade or start to crack.

So what are my final thoughts on the REAL MEN GO BALD T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life? The word #Baldtastic comes to mind. This is my first power washed T-Shirt and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites because of the level of comfort that it has. The Bald related aspect of this shirt also adds to the popularity I have for this T-Shirt. I’m passionately Bald and not afraid to show it, so a Bald related T-Shirt that is both rugged yet comfortable is definitely right up my alley. The baggy yet form-fitting aspect makes it a great T-Shirt to wear out for the night or to sleep in for a good nights rest. Either way you look at it the REAL MEN GO BALD T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life is definitely approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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