SoapCommander Week Two Summary

My second week with the Commander


I decided the first couple of weeks of my six weeks with soapcommander would be the daily use all four soaps Endurance, Confidence, Vision and Respect. I gave a lot of thought to whether I wanted to focus more on one soap per week, or, a combination of all four soaps combined in a week. My decision was both, three weeks of all four soaps from the SoapCommander and then the last three weeks concentrating on one soap per week. My first week with SoapCommander was a great week filled with comfortable shaves every day no matter what soap I used combined with a great pre and post prep shave routine. Like I stated in the one week summary of my six weeks with SoapCommander, there was not any trace of razor burn, cuts or nicks. Could the second week be just as good as the first week. I will answer that question with a solid yes! The second week with SoapCommander was just as good as the first week.

I did however have a couple of small patches of razor burn that lasted for a day and then the patches were gone. This razor burn could have been from the continuous daily shaves without giving my dome at least one day of rest, or, it could be from a certain scent of SoapCommander I used for the night. No matter what kind of shaver you are be it wet, cartridge, head shaver or all three, you are bound to get some kind of razor burn no matter how much experience with shaving you have. That’s just part of the shaving experience.

Near the end of the second week I started to notice an overall smoothness of my dome and face. It’s more than just a normal smoothness from a great shave. It’s an everyday smoothness that’s noticeable even through the stubble that accumulates on your dome and face near the end of the day before your daily, or, every other day shave. The skin on my Dome and face started to feel extra smooth and soft as well as more pliable and better hydrated. I’ve noticed an overall extra shine about my Dome and face especially when the stubble is noticeable near the end of the day before my nightly shave. I credit these changes to SoapCommander’s soap providing a great cushion with an added slickness that provides my razor a smooth surface to glide across my Dome and face for a close and comfortable shave. I also credit these changes to a great pre and post prep routine consisting of exfoliation before and after shaving. A pre-shave oil that provides your dome and face with an extra slick surface for your razor to glide across your skin no matter what you are shaving. An aftershave balm that helps kill any potential bacteria or redness you might get from small cuts and nicks during shaving. Last but not least a great moisturizer to help keep the skin well hydrated and smooth.

All together my second week with SoapCommander has been great. I’ve noticed some good changes at the end of the week with increased smoothness and softness with my Dome and face leading to more comfortable shaves with better results. Going into week three out of my six-week project with SoapCommander I hope that the increased comfort and smoothness with my dome and face continues and increases. During the third week I will also be looking closer at the lathering capabilities of SoapCommander. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!



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