SoapCommander week three summary

The Commander week three



The third week of my six-week review with SoapCommander marked the ending of using all four scents in one week. The fourth, fifth and sixth week I will be concentrating on one scent for the whole week. The third week went as usual with a great shave every night with each scent of SoapCommander. The Vision, Respect, Endurance and Confidence scented soap from SoapCommander performed great with the amount of lather each soap provided with little product needed to accomplish the task. All four Soaps provided a nice creamy lather with a great cushion for a comfortable smooth shave. All four soaps not only provided a great cushion with a comfortable shave, but also included a slickness that gave my razor a smooth surface for shaving that drastically decreased the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks.

Overall all, all four scents of soap from SoapCommander gave an incredible shave. This is my third out of six weeks shaving every day with SoapCommander. The skin on my Dome and face has felt much soft and smoother on a daily basis. I’ve been able to follow my daily shaving routine without discomfort of razor burn cuts or nicks. I believe this is a result from the great cushion and slickness that SoapCommander provides through the over abundance of lather from a small amount of product needed to produce this thick and creamy lather. I also tried something new as well. I started thinking about re-using the lather that was left over after my nightly shave. I’ve saved my left over lather before by putting it back into the soap container itself and letting it dry back into the soap over night. This method works well. It takes less time to build a respectable pre-lather to work into a thicker creamier lather. You re-use the lather from the night before, ultimately using less soap on a daily basis. I thought, let’s go one step further in the quest for shaving for pennies and to make your shave soap last even longer.

After my nightly shave I left the lather in the shave bowl that I would be using the next night. I let it dry over night and all day until it was time once again for my nightly shave. Instead of adding more soap to it, I just soaked my brush and re-worked the lather. The results were not as I hoped. The consistency of the lather was not like the night before. The lather was a little runny and there was less of a cushion. The left over lather still provided a good shave, but was below the standard of a regular shave from the SoapCommander shave soap.

The second time I tried something a little different. I still saved the lather from the previous night but added a little new lather from the container of shave soap from SoapCommander. I only needed a little bit of new lather to thicken the re-used lather up. The consistency was better and resembled more of a normal lather you get from SoapCommander on a consistent basis. I was happy with the results, but realized that was more work. My final conclusion is that it makes more sense to just add the left over lather into the container of shave soap from SoapCommander for your next shave. The left over lather will dry back into the soap mixing in with the original soap and creating a thick and rich, creamy lather the next night and still save you product in the end. Saving time and product is what shaving for pennies is all about.

The next week is my fourth out of six weeks with SoapCommander. I will be picking one specific scent of SoapCommander shave soap to shave with everyday. This next week I’m going to try blooming my pre-selected shave soap every night to see what difference it will make in several areas. I will see if the process of Blooming changes the consistency, abundance of lather, and the time frame it takes to build a respectable lather. I also hope to discover if it changes the amount of water needed to keep the lather at a consistent level and still provide the great shave that SoapCommander is known for. My third week with SoapCommander has been a great week with a great shave every night. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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