SoapCommander week one summary

My first week with the Commander


Starting off my first week out of the six weeks with SoapCommander I couldn’t decide which scent to use. I decided to try a different fragrance every day. I had four fragrances to choose from. Vision, Respect, Endurance and Confidence. Are you seeing a hidden message here? These four fragrances also represent four characteristic traits that help any Bald guy become a better well-rounded person in life to your family, friends and citizen in your community. Right away I felt that stiff upper lip swell up and I was eager to get started whipping up the deep, thick and rich lather SoapCommander was known and loved for. I decided to start off the week of multiple fragrances of SoapCommander with the scent of “Confidence” it seemed like a fitting starting point since the Bald lifestyle gives you increased confidence. Throughout the rest of the week the scents Vision, Respect and Endurance followed in my line up of SoapCommander shave soaps to discover the maximum benefits of every day use with this great brand.

Each scent of shave soap from SoapCommander functioned the same way as far as the over all consistency, abundance and texture of lather which was smooth, thick and creamy. The smoothness and cushion of the lather was the same with all four scents of shave soap from SoapCommander. As far as functionality of the soaps the lather was thick and rich. It loaded my shave brush and transferred to my dome and face. The application was quick and easy. The everyday shave itself starting from day one to the ending of the first week out of the six weeks to come was smooth and comfortable. The shave soap from SoapCommander has a great cushion and slickness that decreases the chances of razor burn and any cuts, scratches or nicks.

The aroma of all four scents was the only difference so far of the multiple shave soaps from SoapCommander I had to try. The aroma was at its strongest the first time the lid was taken off. With the first use the fragrance filled the room with the aroma of the soap. This over abundance of aroma quickly dissipated and calmed down to a pleasant and faint aroma that kept its presence throughout the day in small reminders that the shave soap from SoapCommander provided you with the smoothest and closest shave I’m sure to expect within the several weeks to come. Overall my first week with SoapCommander used on a daily basis has been a pleasant week filled with a great shave every day. I’ve not had problems with razor burn, cuts or nicks. After my nightly shave is done I’m left with a smooth and comfortable dome and face that carries through the day and into the next shave. How will my next week of daily use with SoapCommander end? Will it still be as comfortable the second week compared to my first? Will there be any unforeseen reactions to the shave soap from SoapCommander that will flare up? Wait and see for the conclusion of my second week out of the six weeks with SoapCommander. Love your products and you will love the results!


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