SoapCommander Week Four Summary

The Commander week four


In the past three weeks I shaved with all four scents of SoapCommander shave soap. The “Vision, Respect, Confidence and Endurance” all performed the same with great outcomes. The consistency and abundance of lather along with the fantastic cushion as well as the increased slickness makes shaving with SoapCommander a smooth and comfortable experience whether you’re an everyday shaver or an every other day shaver. This was my fourth week with SoapCommander and I decided to focus on one shave soap for the week. My choice was “Vision”. The Aqua, Amber and Mint scent of “Vision” leans more towards the Mint side. It’s a nice aroma that fills the air around you with a pleasant smell but is not to strong that it’s overwhelming. I decided to just take a couple of days and enjoy each shave SoapCommander had to offer. I worked on my lathering skills.

SoapCommander is a shave soap that has a great lather, if you get the water to soap ratio correct, you get a thick, rich and creamy lather with a good consistency that only SoapCommander can provide. In my week three summary I talked about the process of Blooming. Blooming is a way to soften the shave soap to get to the sweet spot of a thick and rich lather right away. In my week five summary to come I will talk about blooming with more description. Week four was a great week with SoapCommander. The SoapCommander aftershave balm is definitely a positive attribute to any pre and post prep shave routine. The SoapCommander aftershave dries into your dome and face quickly leaving room for your favorite moisturizer. I’m looking forward to week five with SoapCommander and all the great shaves ahead. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day


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