SoapCommander week 6 summary

SoapCommander Final Week


In week six of the six-week shave the project with SoapCommander I wanted to focus on a great shave every day and focused on the elements that can make that great shave every day happen. I Bloomed my designated shave soap from SoapCommander every day as well as kept the lather warm from start to finish for the entire shave. I was very happy with the final results and I’m pretty positive I have found my new shaving routine with SoapCommander.

I talked about Blooming in one of my past summary’s. Blooming in short description is soaking your shave soap for a short designated time frame to soften the soap for a creamier and robust lather. The water used to soak your soap is saved for lathering purposes. You can also use the saved water used for blooming your soap as a nice pre-shave soap. The soapy water saved and used as a pre-shave soap helps the lather cling to the skin on your Dome and face. I use the pre-shave soap and a pre-shave oil at the same time. I found that using both only enhances the cushion of the shave soaps from SoapCommander. If you have not tried blooming your shave soap or using the saved water as a pre-shave soap I highly recommend it.

On top of Blooming the shave soap from SoapCommander everyday, I also warmed my full bowl of creamy and rich SoapCommander lather every day as well. Warmed lather helps loosen up the skin on your dome and face and helps it to breathe. The skin is much softer and smoother and helps prevent razor burn, cuts and scrapes. I filled a plastic bowl with hot water and immersed my ceramic shave bowl in the hot water. Make sure your plastic bowl is wide enough for shave bowl to sit in. The shave bowl does not have to be ceramic. I’ve tried a plastic shave bowl as well. A ceramic shave bowl works best because ceramic holds heat longer than a plain plastic bowl.

A ceramic shave bowl is much heavier too. The shave bowl should be heavier so it sits firmly inside the plastic bowl filled with hot water. A shave bowl with a handle on the side works well also. The handle will stop your ceramic shave bowl from sitting to far down in the water. You don’t want water splashing into your shave bowl every time you rework your lather. This will make your lather inconsistent during your shave. The handle adds a nice control aspect, so every time you rework your lather you can stop your shave bowl from splashing around in the hot water and making a mess. The lather should be a little thicker when you immerse your shaving bowl in hot water to keep your lather warm for your nightly shave. The warmth will loosen your lather a little, and if your lather is a loosened consistency already it will stay on the loosened side due to the warmth. Overall it’s all about choices and what you feel is a good consistency of your shave lather for the night.

I found that with Blooming my dedicated SoapCommander shave soap for the night. Along with keeping the lather consistently warm from start to finish, it brought out some great qualities in the shave soap from SoapCommander. Every night was a fantastic shave with a great cushion and slickness that made for a smooth and comfortable shave. Watch for my SoapCommander summary of the six-week shave project. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.



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