SoapCommander 6 week shave project introduction

Six weeks with SoapCommander!


I had the privilege a couple of months ago to review some shave soap from soapcommander. I knew right away that SoapCommander would be a shave soap that I wanted to continue using because of the over abundance of lather the soap produces with very little product needed. I also had no razor burn what so ever during my short couple of days with this product. SoapCommander’s shave soap has a great cushion as well leaving cuts and scrapes behind. I decided that I wanted to experiment with the shave soap from SoapCommander to see what the impact would be of extended use of the shave soap from SoapCommander on a daily basis. I wanted to see if with extended use what the over all quality of shave would be. Would a daily shave with SoapCommander leave my dome and face with a smoother feeling? Does SoapCommander help to provide a closer shave with daily use? Will SoapCommander aid in making my dome and face feel smoother and softer over a six-week period of dialy use? These were the main questions that came to mind.

I also wanted to see if there was any difference in a daily shave with SoapCommander combined with different pre and post prep products such as pre-shave oil, Aftershave splash and balm with an exfoliant before and after a daily shave, and, last but not least, a good moisturizer to end a daily shave off right. A good pre-post prep shave routine should not add to any short comings of a shave soap or cream. A good pre-post prep routine should help bring the out the good qualities of a shave soap or cream through cleaning the skin of any unwanted dirt and excess dead skin. This pre-post prep process clears the way for your soap or cream to help provide you with a closer and smoother shave.

My goal with this six-week shave project featuring SoapCommander is to inform both our Bald Nation and wet shavers alike to the good qualities and benefits,as well as, any potential obstacles of using SoapCommander on a daily basis. To inform the shaving community in general with the different combinations of pre and post prep products for shaving used with SoapCommander. Every week there will be new blog posts containing all of the social media posts and pictures not released to social media of my daily shave with SoapCommander and the pre and post prep shave products used to help provide the smoothest closest shave that SoapCommander is known and loved for by shavers no matter if they are wet or head shavers or both. Love your products and you will love the results.



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