Dr. Jon’s Week Two Summary

Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps


Week two out of the six-week shave project with Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soap has been the same as the first week, a smooth shave with a comfortable outcome. The lather from each scent of Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted shave soap has been rich and robust as well as creamy. I started to notice that my Dome and face started to have a nice shine on a daily basis. I also noticed that my skin felt extra smooth every day. Usually I have some kind of razor burn in the second week of shaving with a product during the six-week projects. That simply was not the case with Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soap. I also noticed that I had absolutely no burn at all from the after shave tonic. I like after shave tonic or splash, whatever you want to call it. I like the fact that it kills bacteria and prevents infection that you may get otherwise from all those little pesky nicks and cuts you seem to get from your daily or nightly shave. I also like that the aftershave tonic also tones the skin and the alcohol dries your skin out a little. I have oily skin so this is a plus for me, the alcohol in Dr. Jon’s after shave tonic quickly dries up my Dome and face and leaves it feeling smooth. A couple of drops is all you need for your Dome and face at the same time.

If you decide to try Dr. Jon’s after shave tonic you might consider using an after shave balm as well as a moisturizer to rehydrate the skin. As you well know alcohol can and will dry the skin out. If you have sensitive skin to begin with, the alcohol may irritate your skin. You can always just use Dr. Jon’s after shave tonic a couple of times a week instead of every time you shave. Using an after shave balm or moisturizer or even both should help with your sensitive skin and prevent any skin irritation in the future. After noticing the extra shine and smoothness without the burn from the after shave tonic I started doing some research on the ingredients that Dr. Jon put into his Hand Crafted Soaps and I was impressed with what I found. With ingredients like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Meadowfoam Oil and essential fragrance oils. It’s not surprising that Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps gives your Dome and face an extra shine and smoothness that will make you look forward to your next shave.

The after shaves from Dr. Jon’s contain ingredients such as Rose water and Aloe to heal the skin on your Dome and face especially when it comes to razor burn. Witch hazel to soothe and refresh your skin. The Alum tightens your skin after your shave and the alcohol kills any infection you may get from bacteria found in any cuts or nicks you may get from shaving. The Glycerin and Menthol are used to rehydrate and cool your Dome and face off after every shave. All these carefully picked ingredients by Dr. Jon’s to promote healing and hydration of the skin jam-packed into his soaps and after shave means a great shave every time with a smooth and comfortable finish and healthier skin as well. It’s a win-win situation every time when picking Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps to shave with. My second week with Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps has proven to be a good week of shaving no matter what scent I choose. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.





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