Dr. Jon’s Week Four Summary

Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soap


The ending of the fourth week out of the six-week shave project with Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps has proved to be the same as the last couple of weeks. Today with this summary, I want to talk about Dr. Jon’s aftershave tonic. Lets specifically talk about what aftershave is used for. Aftershave is used to accomplish several goals. Aftershave is used to kill any bacteria that may lead to infection through cuts and nicks any shaver whether experienced or new will get sometime in their shaving experiences and routines. Aftershave is also used to cool the skin down after shaving to help control any razor burn that may show up as well. Aftershave helps tone the skin leaving behind a smooth surface afterwards and last but not least aftershave also helps keep the skin nice and hydrated.

That’s an awful lot of goals to accomplish at one time. Most aftershaves accomplish these goals by adding multiple ingredients to target each area. Dr. Jon’s aftershave tonic does just that. Dr. Jon’s aftershave tonic covers both ends of the spectrum from start to finish. Dr. Jon’s aftershave tonic contains ingredients such as Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Fragrance, Glycerin, Aloe, Menthol and Alum. The aftershave tonics from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps accomplishes toning the skin, killing bacteria and stopping infection, hydrating the skin and leaving behind a smooth surface in just 3-4 drops for your dome and face. Some shavers may be turned off to the idea of an alcohol based aftershave tonic and that is understandable because alcohol does dry your skin out and may be more irritating to sensitive skin. That’s why you should always use alcohol based aftershave in moderation, like I said 3-4 drops is all I need to cover my Dome and face. It’s moderation.

The aftershave tonic from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps is meant to be used as a splash, you just dab it on your Dome and face and then smooth it out. An aftershave balm is more of a lotion style aftershave that you apply just like you do any style of lotion you have. I use both for maximum hydration, and for the fact that I do use an alcohol based aftershave tonic. The extra moisturizing properties from an aftershave balm helps fight any dryness I might get from using alcohol on my skin. I always finish of my nightly shave with a moisturizer for good measure and to keep my Dome and face shiny and happy! I use a lot of products starting with an exfoliant before and after shaving and ending with one of my favorite moisturizers. The exfoliant helps to rid my Dome and face of the products I used the night before and cleaning out the pores in my skin. The exfoliant also helps rid my Dome and face of excess grease on my skin. I believe that every shaver should have some kind of a pre and post prep routine. This routine should never make up for any short comings your shave soap or cream may have. A proper pre and post prep routine should only add good qualities to the outcome of your shave for the day or night.

I am now a firm believer in Dr. Jon’s aftershave tonic for its healing and moisturizing properties. Using one of Dr. Jon’s aftershave tonics with the same scent of shave soap compliments each other if you should choose to shave with both. You certainly don’t have to. The aftershave tonics from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps can definitely stand on their own and make a statement with any shave routine you decide to include the aftershave tonic’s in. What ever shave routine you decide on is fine just as long as you include these fine aftershave tonics. I look forward to including these aftershaves with the complimentary scent of Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Shave Soap for the next couple of weeks to come. Love your products and you will love the results! Have a #Baldtastic day.






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