Comb Free Zone T-Shirt

No Combs needed around here!


I’m a T-Shirt guy, always have been. In fact I love T-Shirts. Just plain color T-Shirts are the best. The only thing I love more than plain color T-Shirts are Bald related T-Shirts. Why you ask? Because The Bald lifestyle rocks! I love being a Bald guy. There are so many positive points about being Bald, and of course, there are some not so positive points as well. The good points far out weight the bad in my opinion. One of the many good points about being a Bald guy is we have our own line of clothing that is strictly made for Bald guys. Have you ever seen a guy with a full head of hair wear Bald related T-Shirts? I haven’t either, I’m going to make an educated guess and say it would probably look kind of funny. I have quite a few Bald related T-Shirts hanging in my closet ready to be worn on any given day at any given time. Another reason why I like to wear Bald related T-Shirts is to support the Bald lifestyle any way I can, and wearing a Blad related T-Shirt is a perfect way to do it.

When you wear a Bald related T-Shirt your not just telling people that your bald. That’s pretty noticeable without saying a word. However, you are proudly supporting our ever growing club for Bald men every time you proudly wear a Bald related T-Shirt. Like I previously stated. I have a large number of Bald related T-Shirts and I’m always on the look out for another great one to add to my collection. I found the “Comb Free Zone” community by Paulie B. Small on facebook and knew right away that this was one Bald Related T-Shirt I wanted to wear on a normal basis and hang in my closet as well. This T-Shirt captures the essence of the Bald Lifestyle. This “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt gets right to the point and sums up the attitude that the Bald Lifestyle represents in one little phrase that reads “Comb Free Zone”.

My stiff upper lip swells every time I put this Bald related T-Shirt on and pay tribute to the Bald Lifestyle with pride. I wear this T-Shirt often and so would you if you tried one on for yourself and continue to support our Bald community one day at a time. after a couple of friendly emails about living the Bald lifestyle my “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt from Paulie B. Small was in my mailbox ready to wear right away. As soon as I got it in the mail I wore it that evening without washing it. I noticed how comfortable it felt even though it was unwashed. The “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt didn’t feel like cardboard it was very soft and comfortable. The graphics in text form on the front of the T-Shirt looked just like it did on line at the time that I decided I needed this T-Shirt to let my inner Bald guy out every time I wore this shirt.

The T-Shirt itself felt very substantial but not to thick giving it a strong and sturdy feeling making me want to wear this T-Shirt on a daily basis. I ordered a large, not having tried it on before left me wondering if a large would be to big, or, is it a large T-Shirt that is large in length and not in width making the T-Shirt feel constricting with a lot of T-Shirt bunching up at the bottom. I tried it on after receiving it in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to find that my new Bald related T-Shirt fit perfectly. Not to long and not to short. The width was perfect and my new T-Shirt from Paulie B. Small laid just right on my body.

The graphics were centered on the front of the T-Shirt sitting perfectly and firmly centered, nothing worse than buying a T-Shirt and discovering that the graphics are not centered on the shirt. The “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt from Paulie B. Small felt and still feels like a well made Robust T-Shirt that will stand strong and survive a lot of wear and tear. The “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt has been through my washer and dryer several times without fading or fraying. Just throw it in the washer and dryer and its done. The only special care needed for this T-Shirt is turning it inside out to protect the graphics on the front of the T-Shirt. This step should be taken with all of your shirts that contain graphics to increase the lifespan of the graphics themselves.

I’m very pleased with the “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt from Paulie B. Small. I think the T-Shirt itself captures and represents in one way what our Bald Lifestyle represents. Paulie B. Small clearly knows what our Bald community wants and designed a perfect T-Shirt that fits the Bald lifestyle properly. In my house it goes without saying that this is a “Comb Free Zone” I definitely have a spot for this Bald related T-Shirt to hang in my closet. The “Comb Free Zone” T-Shirt from Paulie B. Small is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


You can find Paulie B. Small and his “Comb Free Zone” T-shirt on these social media platforms.

(1.) Comb Free Zone Community
(2.) Paulie B. Small
(3.) Facebook


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