Beaver WoodWright week 5 summary

Beaver WoodWright


Coming up on the end of week five out of the six weeks with the BeaverWoodWright six-week project I started thinking back at how versatile the shaving products are with other products. I’m a big fan of continuity of products. In other words, I think you get better results if you use the pre-shave oil and After-Shave from the same company that the shaving cream or soap comes from especially if the products are from a soap artisan. A soap artisan’s products are usually handcrafted in small batches to keep the quality of product at its best which is above normal.

Your shaving products don’t always have to be from the same brand. You certainly can mix and match your products. This way you get a chance to try many shaving products until your hearts content. Sometimes you just get better results from continuity of product. The Beaver WoodWright shaving products are perfect either way you mix and match them. The Beaver WoodWright pre-shave oil, shaving soap and After-Shave splash and balm are products that perform perfectly when partnered with other products from different brands, or, excel when used together for a perfect shaving routine that provides smoothness as an end result to your nightly shave.

A good pre and post prep routine followed every day adds value to your shaving routine and to the overall health of your skin as well. Pre and post prep shaving items consisting of pre-shave oil and after-shave splash or Balm usually contain some natural ingredients such as Glycerin, Coconut Oil, witch Hazel, Almond Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. This list is just a small handful of ingredients that can be found in many pre and post prep shaving routine products that have long-term benefits when used daily. Some of the benefits both short and long-term of pre and post prep shaving products are extra hydration for your skin, healing properties toward sunburn, razor burn, cuts and nicks, healing attributes towards skin conditions such as Acne, psoriasis and eczema, and lets not over look soothing and comforting sensations after each shave. The Beaver WoodWright pre-shave oil and After-shave splash and balm has all of these short and long-term benefits as well as feel refreshing on the skin while leaving no greasy residue at the end of my shaving ritual. The shaving products from Beaver WoodWright will always have a permanent home in my shaving den.


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