Beaver WoodWright Shave Project Introductory

Beaver WoodWright


Welcome to the Beaver WoodWright six week shave project. I’ve been looking forward to this project since the first time I used their shaving products because of the healing properties for the skin that their products provide. The healing properties are from the ingredients that are in their products. One of the many reasons why I like the Beaver WoodWright shaving products is because they use a lot of the same ingredients that have skin healing properties throughout all of their products. This promotes consistency and through this consistency promotes reliability and trust. If you shave with a product that continues to make your skin look and feel good you’re going to want to keep shaving with that same product everyday. Beaver WoodWright has successfully accomplished this task since their shave soap contains ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and last but not least Glycerin. What a fantastic group of ingredients to include in their shave soap. The Beaver Woodwright pre-shave oil and aftershave are a great pre and post prep routine to add value to each and every shave. I’m looking forward to these next six weeks of shaving with the Beaver WoodWright shaving products to see what positive changes the shaving products from Beaver WoodWright makes on a daily basis.





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