Lebelle soaps week one summary

Lebelle Soaps


The first week out of six weeks with the Lebelle Soaps shaving products proved to be a good week. I didn’t have a doubt it would be good since I reviewed the Lebelle products once before. I knew that the Lebelle products produced an extra creamy lather. I also already knew that the post shave feel was fantastic as well. The post shave feel was moisturizing and left my skin soft and smooth. I decided not to concentrate on one certain aspect or quality the shaving products from Labelle Soaps have. I decided to just shave with the products while adding different pre and post prep products to my shaving routine for the night to really diversify the Lebelle shaving .

What I discovered is the Lebelle products really work well with other shaving products. From past experiences with the Lebelle Soaps I know that you don’t need pre-shave oil or an aftershave splash or balm to get a great post shave feel. The Lebelle Soaps offer that great post shave feel with the creamy and robust lather their soaps produce. The lather is thick and rich but feels soft and smooth on your skin. Adding a pre-shave oil and following your nightly shave up with an aftershave only adds quality and value to your already fantastic shave with the Lebelle Soaps shaving products.

I decided to shave using a shave bowl and also shave without using a shave bowl building the lather within the plastic container the Lebelle Soaps come packaged in. Both ways of shaving had both pro’s and con’s. Utilizing a shaving bowl means you have more room to play with the consistency of your lather. It also means that you can build up an overabundance of lather as well. The Lebelle Soap comes packaged in a plastic container that already has enough room to build your lather right in the container. This also means that the left over lather from your nightly shave can go right back inside the container for later use. If you choose to save your lather then you might want to leave the lid off of the container so it can dry back into the soap over night. Leaving the lid off gives the soap breathing room for the water to evaporate so the consistency of the soap as a whole doesn’t weaken. The following night just build your lather the same way you did the night before. This is a perfect way to have an abundance of lather every night while making the most financially out of your Lebelle Soaps.

Using a shaving bowl is more time-consuming. If you wish to save more time you may choose to build your lather right inside of the plastic container of Lebelle Soap. There is plenty of room for that and choosing that option means you have to be more specific and exact with your water content during the lathering phase of your nightly shave. Odds are your lather will be thicker than it would be if utilizing a shaving bowl. If your lather is to thick there is one way to thin it before applying it to your Dome and face. Once you have the desired amount of shave soap on your brush run part of the brush filled with shave soap under some trickling water, then apply it as normal. The extra water on the brush will allow some leeway to rebuild your lather by the normal rotations of your shave brush while applying it to your Dome and face. Whether you choose a shaving bowl or building your lather in the same plastic container of the Lebelle Soaps the end result is always good with a great post shave feel. The first week with Lebelle shave products has been a good week and I’m sure the next five weeks will be the same. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!




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