Lebelle Soaps week five summary

Lebelle Soaps


Week five out of the six week shave project with Lebelle Soaps followed in suite with comfortable shaves every day. Week five also followed suite with the skin on my Dome and face feeling soft and smooth as well. Today I want to talk versatility with other products. I will say that using the same products across the board is always a good habit to start. The same shave soap or cream along with AS splash or balm as well as moisturizer from the same company has benefits. The benefit being consistency and reliability. If you like a particular brand of shave soap or cream and you enjoy attributes they posses then the AS splash or balm might hold some of the great qualities as well. The reliability come from using the same product multiple times with the same results. There are also shaving products that not only have consistency and reliability but also have versatility.

The shaving products from Lebelle Soaps have all three attributes of consistency, reliability and versatility. The consistency and reliability comes from the last five weeks of nightly shaves with the Lebelle Soaps and the use of the AS splash and balm. The versatility is also strengthened through the daily use of the Lebelle Soaps with different pre and post prep shave products as well. I’ve mixed and matched multiple brands of shave oil, AS splashes and balms as well as different moisturizer with the daily use of Labelle Soaps and the post shave feel has been the same every time. Each post shave feel was full of slickness and a close shave feeling that was and is both smooth and comforting. The versatility of pre and post prep shave products that continue the promotion of hydration for the skin as well as suppleness and elasticity just proves that the Lebelle Soaps are products that add value to your every day shave routine. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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