Lebelle Soaps shave project introduction

Labelle Soaps


I got the chance a few months back to review Lebelle Soaps for a product review and I loved the way the Lebelle soaps lathered. Thick and rich with a creamy and robust lather that coated my Dome and face evenly and felt smooth all over. You can just imagine what the shave must have been like without me even say so. But just in case you are wondering…………AMAZING! Yea, you could say that I get excited over great shaving products, and if that seems weird to you that’s ok. I think being passionate about things is important in life. Living passionately is one of the secrets to a happy life. It just so happens that shaving is one of my passions.

If you have tried the Lebelle Soaps before you could easily see why it would be easy to get passionate over their soaps. The intensely creamy and overabundance of lather that Lebelle Soaps provide help keep each shave as comfortable as possible. The Lebelle Soaps not only produce a great lather but provide a lot of slickness with the lather as well. The increased slickness helps your razor glide across the surface of your skin saving it from razor burn, cuts and nicks. During these next six weeks I will be shaving with three of the Lebelle Soaps consisting of BarberShop that has a great aroma mix of bergamont, rosemary, star anise, lavender, geranium, clove, coumarin, patchouli, oak moss, guaiac wood and vetiver . Honey Crisp with the sweet crispness of fresh apples and herbs and Barbiere Italiano with a splendid aroma of almond, rose, benzoin, cassis and black currant . I will also be using the Tobac Vanille aftershave balm that has a combined aroma of . Along with the aftershave balm I will also be using the Barbershop aftershave splash with a blended aroma of bergamot, rosemary, star anise, lavender, geranium, clove, coumarin, patchouli, oak moss, guaiac wood and vetiver.

I’m looking forward to these next six weeks of shaving with the Lebelle Soaps and seeing what kind of quality contributions the Lebelle shaving products add to my daily shave and overall skin care regimen. Love you products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.









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