Lebelle Soap week three summary

Lebelle Soaps


At the end of week three out of the six week shave project with Lebelle Soaps nothing much has changed when it comes to smooth and comfortable skin. Nothing much has changed with the over abundance of lather the Lebelle Soaps offer on an every day basis. Certainly nothing has changed with the consistency of that great post shave feel that you get after every shave with Lebelle Soaps. That same post shave feel that I get after every shave with the Lebelle Soaps is what I would like to focus on with todays weekly summary of the third week in of the six-week shave project.

I have reviewed my fair share of shave soaps and creams and all are different in many aspects. Some soaps are more dry than others while others are more thirsty than others. Some soaps provide an overabundance of lather with less slickness while other soaps have less lather but make up for that with slickness. Not one soap I have reviewed is better than the other since they all differ in many aspects. I do however enjoy soaps that provide a great post shave feel. A great post shave feel has a noticeable slickness and skin moisturizing feel when washing away the excess shaving cream when you are done. I can honestly say that after these last three weeks of daily shaving with the Lebelle Soaps I’ve had a great post shave feel every time full of slickness and moisturizing attributes to the skin on my Dome and face.

A great post shave feel can also take the place of a pre and post shave routine if time is restricted for the night. Pre and post shave products that contain natural ingredients that provide quality attributes to your skin should always be considered into your shave routine for skin care. After all if you are going to sport a Bald head why not make it look fantastic as well as shiny! Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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