Elvado week two summary

Elvado Classic Shave Brush Soap


The second week with Elvado Classic Shaving brush soap was just as pleasant as the first week. During the second week I focused more on noticing good or bad effects from daily use of Elvado shaving products. Other than a couple of small spots of razor burn the results were good. The razor burn could be from just shaving every day with out a break. The next day those spots of razor burn were gone. The next shave did not produce razor burn or reproduce the same spots with minor razor burn. I used all three scents for the second week. The fragrance free, West Indies Bay Rum and Wild Mint Lime all functioned the same way and had the same great qualities. All three shaving soaps produced an abundance of lather with a great cushion and slickness that aided your razor with a smooth surface on your Dome and face for a smooth and comfortable shave. There is very little product needed to produce a shaving bowl full of a rich and robust lather that is both thick and creamy. The soap itself is what I consider to be thirsty. Thirsty is not a bad quality it just means it takes more water periodically to keep you shaving bowl full of an endless lather. The fun part is figuring out the water to soap ratio and getting it down to a science so you know how much water you need to keep the consistency right. It’s a learning process that should be fun from start to finish.

If you are looking for a shave soap that you just rub on your dome and face to create a lather for shaving than Elvado is not for you. If you are looking for a shave soap that takes no work what so ever to use than Elvado is not for you either. If you are looking for a shave soap that provides a great shave with a great lather, than Elvado is the right soap for you. If you’re looking for a shave soap to help the enthusiast in you discover a great lather every time than Elvado would be a great choice to make. If you like an overabundance of lather with a great cushion and slickness than Elvado would be an excellent choice to make.

Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap falls into the ranks of a shaving solution for the enthusiasts. I say enthusiasts because Elvado is not a quick shaving solution for the non shaving enthusiast by any means. Elvado is a great shaving soap that will help you to refine your lathering skill and provide a rich and creamy lather every time. Shaving soaps are not meant to provide a quick shave with little to no work needed. Shaving soaps such as Elvado are intended to practice the art of shaving for individuals who appreciate the ritual and satisfaction of a good shave, and Elvado does just that and so much more. Elvado might not be a fast shaving solution, however, Elvado can be used with either a DE safety razor or a cartridge razor. I use both but prefer a DE safety razor to unlock the true potential of the Elvado Classic Shaving Brush soap. Watch for my week four out of six weeks summary with Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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