Elvado shave project introduction

Elvado Classic Shave for Men


Elvado is a company that has been around for a while now. Elvado classic shaving brush soap has had more than a couple of great reviews to read regarding their Bio-pure vegan shave soap and aftershave shaving products. Elvado is a natural solution to shaving compared to some of the other shaving products that are less than natural. Elvado is vegan certified and just plain fantastic for the environment and the skin on your Dome and face. What does Bio-Pure vegan certified mean? Elvado does not contain any harmful chemicals such as cheap detergents, harsh preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Each container of Elvado shave soap comes loaded with African Shea Butter, natural fragrances of pure essential oils and moisturizers with healing herbal extracts, and lets not forget that Elvado does not contain animal products or participate in animal testing of their products.

Elvado classic shaving brush soap contains ingredients such as Coconut, Palm and Safflower oils, Vegetable Based Glycerin and African Shea Butter. These key active ingredients create a creamy lather that adds a slippery cushion and a smooth surface for your razor to decrease the chances of razor burn cuts and nicks. These key ingredients naturally hydrate the skin on your dome and face increasing suppleness for an overall comfortable smooth shave. The key actives also promote cell renewal and protect your skin against UV rays.

Elvado is also Vegan certified. What does vegan certified mean? What does it take to carry the certified vegan logo? It means it takes a lot of tender loving care for your customers and your product. The vegan awareness foundation requires a product to not contain meat, fish or fowl. No animal by-products including silk or dyes from insects, eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, honey or honey bee products. The product or products must not involve animal testing or the testing of ingredients on animals by the supplier, producer, manufacturer or independent party. The product or products must not contain animal derived GMOs. That’s a lot of requirements to carry the vegan certified logo. There is also a very intensive and thorough cleaning of all surfaces and utensils between production of certified vegan and non vegan products. Rest assured when you are shaving with Elvado you are shaving with a top-notch product that guarantees a smooth and comfortable shave every time that’s good for you and the environment. Join me in the next 6 weeks of daily shaving with Elvado classic Shaving brush soap. I will be focusing on different qualities of Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.








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