Elvado week three summary

Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap


This marks the ending of week three out of six weeks with Elvado Classic shave Brush Soap. It’s been three weeks of great shave every night, my Dome and face have an overall smoothness that lasts from sun up to sun down. So far, Every shave with Elvado has been close and comfortable no matter what scent I have chosen for the night. This week I’ve focused on controlling the amount of lather I’ve used for the night.

That’s right, I said it, controlling the amount of lather. So let me explain. Elvado is known for the over abundance of lather it provides per shave. If you are not careful you can produce too much lather and it quickly becomes a mess. How much lather is too much you ask? How about so much lather it runs out of the bowl every time you re-work it. Depending on what side of the fence you sit on is wether or not to much lather is a bad thing. To much lather running out of your shave bowl can be messy and a waste of product. Let me go on record and say this is not a bad quality found in Elvado Classic Shaving Brush soap, this merely goes along with the territory of wet shaving. Each soap you try has its own characteristics and an overabundance of lather is one of Elvados many great characteristics.

Yields over 180 classic shaves is what it says on the lid of every Elvado Classic Shave Brush Soap and by how much lather I’ve gotten with each shave I believe it. I decided to try blooming my choice of Elvado shave soap for the night. I found that blooming your shave soap produces a thick pre-lather right away. The thick pre-lather makes producing a creamier lather faster and easier than normal. The water saved from blooming your shave soap is used to keep your bowl full of a robust lather that stays creamy during your nightly shave. Whether you bloom your choice of Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap or just work up a nice thick lather the old-fashioned way, Elvado provides a great shave with a smooth and comfortable finish. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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