Elvado week five summary

Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap


Week five out of the six weeks with Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap had the same results as the previous weeks before. A great shave with a smooth ending from day-to-day. I’m an every day shaver that’s passionate about all things shaving. When I’m not shaving I’m thinking about shaving and what shaving products I want to look for to help find that perfect shave everyday. I love wet shaving and how my skin feels after using a DE razor for my nightly shave. I also enjoy all the other pieces of equipment that come along with wet shaving.

The brush is one piece that helps with a successful DE shave. Not every brush works for every soap. If you are using a hard bodied soap than a hard bristled brush works best. Elvado Shave Soap is a hard bodied shave soap so from day one I’ve always used a hard bristled brush. The hard bristles work up a decent pre-lather into my large shave bowl and is re-worked into a deep and rich lather that is thick and robust. Elvado is known for the over abundance of lather that it produces so an extra large shave bowl works best. Elvado can also be a thirsty soap meaning you may have to add water from time to time in between each lather to keep the lather creamy so it doesn’t dry out.

This aspect of Elvado may not be for everyone. I for one don’t look at this as a downfall, I look at it as a quality. It’s exciting to re-work the lather several times during my nightly shave with Elvado Shave Soap. I have an endless bowl of lather every night simply from the over abundance of lather Elvado Shave Soap produces with each re-lather. In my opinion I think Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap shows its true potential when you work your nightly lather in a large shave bowl. The more room you have the more thick and robust lather you can produce with a great cushion and even better slickness for a smooth shave. If a shave bowl is not your thing for some reason, you can work up your lather in the same container it came in. Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap still produces a lot of lather in the same container it’s packaged in. Don’t be fooled by the visual aspect, it will look like you don’t have a lot of lather to work with. In reality the lather is packed into the hard bristled brush. Once you transfer it from the container to your dome and face it will explode out of the brush on to your skin in an even application that will impress you every time.

Week five has proven to be a successful week with Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap no matter if using a shave bowl or utilizing the same container the Elvado shave soap comes in. The lather will always be abundant by nature along with rich and creamy. Watch for my week six summary that sums up my six weeks shaving with Elavdo Classic Shaving Soap. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day. Thank you!



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