Captain’s Choice shave project introduction

Captain’s Choice


Sometime ago I did a product review for Captain’s Choice shave products and loved every shave during the review. I decided back then before I started my six week reviews that I wanted to be more involved with the Captain’s Choice shave products. After I started my six week reviews I quickly contacted the fine folks at Captain’s choice and set up a six week project with them which leads us to this introduction.

During this six week project there are a couple of things I will be watching. First off, I will be monitoring how the skin on my Dome and face feels after each nightly shave. I will also be monitoring the post shave feel after each nightly shave and the next day up to the next nightly shave. I know from the past that the Captain’s Choice shave products provide a fantastic post shave feel and I’m excited to see how far that post shave feel reaches on a daily basis. I have several Captain’s Choice shave products to choose from.

I have several different scents of shave soap to choose from. The Lime and North scent both come in 5 oz. plastic tubs that have enough room left over in them to build a shave ready lather. Once my nightly shave is completed I’ll just leave the lid of over night and let the left over lather dry back into the soap for re-use at a later date. The Lime scented shave soap has a fantastic Lime scent that is pretty close to the smell of a real lime. The North scent is just as fantastic. Along with the two 5 oz. tubs of soap I also have five sample soaps. Theeach weight in at 1/4 oz. that’s enough for several shaves depending on how much lather you want.

I will also have several after shaves to choose from for a great post prep routine. The Lime scent is in a 4 fl. oz. bottle with a pump style lid. The Lime scented after shave balm has a thinner consistency that renews and rejuvenates the skin. The after shave balm from Captain’s Choice soaks quickly into the skin and no greasy residue. I also have five sample containers of after shave balm consisting of the Lime, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, North and unscented. Each container weighing 1/4 fl. oz. these samples are great for traveling. They are TSA approved and ready to travel. I will also be testing the Captain’s Choice after shave splash as well. The Bay Rum and Sandalwood after shave splash I have in 4 fl. oz. bottles. This after shave does contain alcohol and it’s feel the burn baby!! but also leaves your Dome and face feeling smooth and refreshed. The North, Cat O’ Nine Tails and Lime after shave splash comes in 1/4 fl. oz. One sample bottle is good for many shaves. A little dab will do you. I really like combining the after shave splash and balm by Captain’s Choice for extra smoothness and hydration.

I’m looking forward to these 6 weeks with the Captain and seeing what their products can do each shave. I think their products will bring value to my skin care regimen and shaving routine. Here’s to six weeks with the Captain! Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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