Captain’s Choice week two summary

Captain’s Choice


Week two out of the six week shave project with Captain’s Choice I decided to just focus on the Lime and North scent of Captain’s Choice shave products. I made this decision based on these two scents each coming in a 5 oz. tub. This plastic tub the shave soap comes in can also be used as its own shave bowl. This is a nice convenience when it comes to saving time with your shaving routine. There is just enough space left from the top of the shave soap to the top of the plastic container to build a shave ready lather that’s both rich and creamy. Building your lather in the same container it comes in is what I consider to be using your shaving product to its full potential.

Building a shave ready lather in the same container that it comes in does have one drawback. The drawback if you want to call it that is that your lather is always thick and creamy. Is this a drawback? Some may say no while others may say yes. It all depends on how you like the consistency of your lather to be. So why is it always thick and creamy you ask? lets compare building a lather in a shave bowl to building a lather in the same soap container your shave soap comes in. When building a lather in a shave bowl, I usually start by working up a pre-lather in the container the soap comes in and then transferring the pre-lather to my shave bowl for a final work up. Since your only transferring a certain amount of soap from the original container to your shave bowl you can only build your lather so much before the consistency starts to thin out and your lather becomes watery.

When building your lather into a shave ready lather in the same container it comes packaged in the one thing that changes is that you never run out of soap to build into your lather. The more water you add the more robust lather you build. The lather is always thick and creamy because you have an endless supply of soap. The more rotations of your shave brush the more thick lather you build. The more water you add the more rotations of your brush you need. Letting your finished lather sit in the same container it’s made in causes the lather to thicken up a little more. I’m a huge fan of lather but if its to thick the application from the brush to your skin won’t be as smooth and the lather wont spread as easy. There is a way you can turn this extra thick lather into a thinner lather if you wish. when you load your brush just simply run it under a medium stream of warm water to lessen the consistency for a smoother lather. once you apply the new lather to your skin it may be a little on the runny side but a couple of rotations of your shave brush and the lather thickens up quickly. From there it’s whatever your technique is for your daily or nightly shave. Once your shave is over with just leave the lid off of the soap container over night and let your left over lather soak back into the soap for another time. At the end of week two each shave for the week has been a great shave. Captain’s Choice shave products also provide a fantastic post shave feel. My skin felt extra smooth and slick after each shave. I’m definitely looking forward to week three. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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