Captain’s Choice week one summary

Captain’s Choice


The first week out of the six week project with Captain’s Choice I held no reservations. I tried not to let my past review skew my thoughts on this past week. Although, The Captain’s Choice products performed exactly like I remembered them performing. This first week I just shaved with the products and had no direction or theme to concentrate on.

I tried almost all of the products out for the first time and loved every one of them. I think it’s important when reviewing products to be as descriptive as possible. Since your audience is reading about your experience with the product and not using it themselves you have to make them feel like they have used it. Description is key when writing a review. The scented shave soap and after shave balm was a great combo together. The Lime and North scented shave soap produced a nice creamy lather with an increased slickness that felt soft and comfortable against my skin aiding my razor in a smooth shave across my Dome and face. I felt the pressure from the razor during each fluid stroke, but did not actually feel the blade of the razor scrapping across my skin.

I also tried a couple of the shaving samples out. Since lathering the soap in the container is out of the question secondary to it just being a sample size I decided to press a small portion of the soap into my shave bowl to work up a shave ready lather. When pressing shave soap into the bottom of your bowl it’s important to remember two things. First off, a little goes a long way so just lightly coat the bottom of your bowl with a thin layer and be careful not to leave large globs in the bottom of your bowl.

Large globs may become dislodged when building your lather and get stuck in your razor gunking it up. A gunked up razor could lead to cuts and nicks. The second thing to remember is, be careful with hydrating your lather. Since you’re pressing your soap in the bottom of the bowl it’s not that easy to add more soap to your lather if the consistency is to thin because of too much hydration. Small amounts of water at one time is what you need to focus on. Your lather will look a little dry until you add enough water for your shave ready lather. Pressing your shave soap is not black and white. There is a lot of gray area to it and you really just have to critique your technique every time. That’s the fun part about pressing your soap it should be fun and exciting to see what you get out of each bowl of precious lather. I finished each shave off with the Captain’s choice after shave splash and balm. The splash and balm together as a combo make a power house for moisturizing and keeping the skin on your Dome and face well hydrated. The first week out of the six weeks with the Captain’s Choice shaving products was a good week with comfortable shaves. My skin felt soft and smooth and it had a pleasant glow about it. The post shave feel was fantastic and lasted well through out the next day. I still had a five o’ clock shadow when I shaved the next night but my skin was still nice and smooth. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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