Menthol Project Week Four Summary

Menthol Project


At the end of the fourth week out of the six week menthol project my skin still feels great. I’ve had a very nice and pleasant post shave end feel after shaving with each soap. This really is no different from the past three weeks, but given that we are at the end of week four and my skin still feels soft and supple all day long shows that these soaps offer consistent skin care qualities. You could argue this statement by saying that your skin already contains some moisture that keeps your skin healthy. This is true however, if you are using products that contain ingredients or chemicals that may dry out your skin, using them on a consistent basis only dries out your skin more. This is not the case with these soaps, they offer consistent benefits that keeps your skin feeling healthy and smooth.

The soaps that I’ve been consistently using for the menthol project are Wolf Pac Shaving, Cremo Creme, Soap Commander, Fuzzy Face Soaps, Queen Charlotte’s, Krampert’s finest and Dr.Bronners these all contain some of the same natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter and Glycerin. These natural ingredients have so many great skin care qualities with a lot of benefits that once you start using these products and see and feel the difference on your skin you won’t want to use anything else. So how does it all work? how does your skin receive the quality benefits that these natural ingredients have to offer? It all revolves around the lather. So what is lather? What is it for and what does it do? Lather is a substance produced from rotating your brush over the top of your shave soap. You can also produce lather from soft shave cream by rubbing it between your hands.

There are many ways to produce lather it just depends on what soap or cream you are using. All lather is not the same and there are many questions asked about the topic of lather. What soap produces the best lather and what consistency is the best for shaving are some of the question asked. Truth is once you learn how to build lather the rest is all opinion. What works well for one shaver doesn’t always work well for the next. Lather provides a cushion between your skin and your razor helping to prevent razor burn, cuts and nicks as well as any other skin irritation that may occur during your shaving routine and ritual. Last but not least, If the soap you are using contains natural ingredients that offer skin care benefits when applied topically, then the lather produced from this soap helps deliver those benefits to your skin.

The Fuzzy Face Soaps, Krampert’s Finest, Wolf Pac Shaving, Soap Commander and Queen Charlotte’s soap all made shaving bowl an option. There was plenty of room in the same container that the soap came in to build lather. The Cremo Creme and Dr.Bronners came in a tube. With these two creams you could either build a lather in a shaving bowl or just rub the cream against your skin creating lather. The Cremo Creme is more concentrated than the Dr.Bronners so rubbing it against your skin to build lather works the best. It takes less product and the lather has a fantastic slickness. If you lather it in a shave bowl you still get a great lather but with a lot of extra air. Either way you go you get and outstanding shave with Cremo Creme. The Dr.Bronners works well with just rubbing it against your skin to create a long lasting lather. If you see it drying into the skin before you get to it just add a little water to bring it back to life. Lather is a must have when shaving, how much, and what kind of lather you want is all up to you. If you’re looking for shave soaps and creams that produce a great lather that gives your razor a lot of cushion and makes your shaving routine and ritual pleasurable than I suggest you try these soaps for your self. You may just find your next perfect shave! Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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