HeadBlade Week Three Summary



The third week of the HeadBlade shave project I decided to use the ATX which is the third razor introduced in 2012 designed specifically for head shaving. The ATX was in development for over three years with four official mandates to achieve consisting of using new multi-blade technology. To eliminate any new learning curve there might be for a new user of the ATX. To be effective and versatile for the head, face, body and legs. The ATX completed these mandates introducing the ATX as an all terrain razor that elevates your shave to the next level.

I can honestly say that the first time I used the ATX it was very easy to use with minimal critiquing required. On the front end lies two sets of wheels on each side of the razor. This is much different in comparison to the Sport were the razor is located on the front. These wheels help the razor glide across your Dome in long smooth strokes. On the bottom of the back end is where the razor is located. On the Sport the wheels are located on the back end and smaller compared to the ATX. The ATX comes with a standard 4 blade cartridge razor and takes the HB4 replacement blades. The ATX is not as streamlined as the Sport is. The larger set of wheels on the front and the 4 blade cartridge razor on the back stationed to a larger axle makes the ATX razor from HeadBlade a solid and stable shave every time. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.





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