HeadBlade Week One Summary

HeadBlade Classic


Welcome to the first weekly summary of the HeadBlade shave project. Before I get started lets talk a little bit more about two subjects I love whole heartedly. One is HeadBlade and the second is Head shaving. HeadBlade is a company founded by Todd Greene back in 1997. Todd Greene is not only the founder but also a fellow Bald guy making HeadBlade a very strong and beloved company among the Bald masses. HeadBlade carries a lot of weight since the founder himself personally uses the same razors he produces. To me HeadBlade is more than just a series of great razors, creams and moisturizers along with clothing and other accessories to let your inner Bald guy out to play. HeadBlade promotes and celebrates Baldness, whether you are Bald by choice or mother nature has visited you earlier than what you expected you can definitely find comfort among the many testimonies of other Bald men and their great experiences with the HeadBlade products. In my opinion HeadBlade will always stand for Bald pride and power continuing to be the corner stone and essence of living the Bald lifestyle.

I first shaved my head in 1996 which was one year before HeadBlade was founded. I soon found and tried the HeadSlick right away and the rest is history so to speak. When HeadBlade introduced the ATX I decided it was time high time to give it a shot and I’m glad I did. A lot of time has passed since I’ve first tried the ATX and I was excited about starting a long project with the HeadBlade products. HeadBlade sent me a package containing the Classic and Sport razor along with the HeadSlick shaving cream, HeadLube Glossy and HeadLube Matte for moisturization. I also received a bottle of HeadShead Scrub and ClearHead Bump treatment. Last but not least HeadShade SPF40.

The first week I decided to use the HeadBlade Classic which is where it all began. The Classic was introduced in 2000 and revolutionized head shaving. Until then all we had to shave with was cartridge razors. Once the HeadBlade Classic claimed its spot as the #1 razor for head shaving a lot of Bald guys threw away their cartridge razors and flocked towards the Classic, and for good reasoning since head shaving with the Classic is smooth and comfortable every time. I wasn’t a big fan of the standard two blade cartridge razor the Classic came with so I switched out the blade with the HB3. The HB3’s fit all HeadBlade models and is a much smoother shave since it’s 3 blades instead of 2. More blades means less pressure needed for shaving. Less pressure means less chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. I shaved with the Classic for seven consecutive shaves and each time was smoother and faster than the last shave. There was a slight learning curve with the classic but nothing that a little critiquing could not fix. The hardest angles for me to master with the classic was around the ears. After the third shave that was not a problem any more.

The HeadBlade Classic is designed to rest against the bottom of your fingers. A small hook is located on the top fitting snuggly around your middle finger. You have plenty of room for your fingers to rest comfortably on the top of the razor. On the front end at the bottom is where the razor cartridge is located with enough suspension allowing the razor head to flex during shaving. The back of the Classic is more narrow and has a flat spot on the bottom of the razor that rest on your head. Making full contact you push the Classic from front to back with long strokes with minimal pressure for a very smooth shave. One of the big differences other than looks and design between a cartridge razor and the Classic is length of stroke. With a cartridge razor you have to keep each stroke short and sweet compared to the Classic that allows long strokes cutting your head shaving time in half. I really enjoyed the week I spent shaving with the HeadBlade Classic razor, if you have not tried it yet my question for you is what are you waiting for? Come on and #Shaveyourhead!



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