HeadBlade Week Four Summary




2017 Reddot Design Award

I ended the fourth and final week of the HeadBlade shave project with the MOTO which is the newest razor introduced in 2016. The MOTO takes all aspects of the ATX and upgrades to the next level. The ATX was easy to use right out of the box HeadBlade made that a necessary mandate that helped eliminate any learning curve when switching from a regular cartridge razor to a HeadBlade razor. The MOTO is even easier to use with little time needed critiquing the correct angle for a smooth shave. I contribute this to one of the biggest changes made with the MOTO.

The ATX and Sport razors both have wheels to help the razor glide across the surface of your skin. The Sport is wide in the front and starts to narrow towards the back. The wheels that are located on the back are small in comparison to the wheels on the ATX. The wheels on the ATX are located on the front end of the razor and are much larger. The MOTO keeps the same cartridge razor placement as the ATX but decided to get rid of the wheels replacing them with a rollerball that’s on the front of the razor in the same location as the wheels once resided. The rollerball is multi directional compared to the wheels that were linear. The multi directional ball gives the MOTO freedom of direction making the hard to shave areas easier to get to. The hardest area for me to shave is behind my ears. The angle needed to accomplish this is hard to get without getting cuts and nicks. The MOTO as well as the ATX makes this angle easy to accomplish.

The second hardest area for me to shave is the back of my head. I shave by feel or by looking in a mirror. The hardest part about shaving the back of your head is the real estate you have to cover. There is a lot to shave, the strokes are pretty much all linear but it’s more wide open space. The razor cartridge located on the back of the MOTO rotates to the right and left giving it more capabilities for contouring around all of the bumps and dips on the back of your head. I absolutely love the MOTO and how it performs during shaving. HeadBlade has once again taken your shave to the next level. This marks the end of the HeadBlade shave project. These last four weeks have been great and a valuable learning experience. All four razors were fantastic and I know that each razor is loved by many alike. HeadBlade has been and always will be at the front of the line when it comes to head shaving and #Livingthebaldlifestyle. So come on and just #Shaveyourhead. Love your product and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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