Colonel Conk Week Three Summary

Colonel Conk


During week three of the six week shave project with the Colonel Conk shave products I decided to focus on the ‘High Desert Breeze’ Eucalyptus and Tea Tree soap puck from the Colonel Conk Natural shave line. The Tea Tree and Eucalyptus ingredients have many benefits for your skin such as helping to give sun burn relief, helps treat itchy scalp, helps heal acne, helps control oily skin, cuts and scrapes, helps heal insect bites, Chicken Pox and warts. The ‘High Desert Breeze’ soap puck not only has several natural ingredients that add value to your shaving routine and skin care regimen, but it also provides an abundance of lather with each shave.

I decided to put my puck of ‘High Desert Breeze’ shave soap into my Colonel Conk black porcelain Apothecary style shave bowl and leave it there for the whole week to see how long it would last. I started my first shave off for the week by blooming the shave puck to increase the softness of the soap. The softness of the soap helps create a more creamy and robust lather that feels comfortable on your skin while providing an increased slickness and a great post shave feel. For the next seven days I used the same puck of Colonel Conk shave soap. Every day I re-filled my bowl of thick and rich lather for another nightly shave. Every night after my shave was over the left over lather in my shave bowl dried back into the shave puck. After the week was over I decided that leaving the same soap puck in your shave bowl for re-use on a daily basis adds value to your shave routine.

First and foremost you are re-using the same left over lather from the day or night before. There is no more waisted lather. The lather left over from the last shave dries back into the soap puck. The soap puck itself is hard and solid so the consistency of the soap itself goes unchanged from leaving the leftover lather to dry back into the shave puck for the night. The next day just add water the same as the night before and you once again have a full bowl of Colonel Conk lather. There is some soap that dries to the side of the bowl and you have some build up as the week goes on. One way to fix that is to take your shave brush and run it along the inside of the bowl across the dried up soap a couple of times to loosen it up. You can add the dried up soap into your lather for re-use. After leaving the same soap puck in the same shave bowl for every day use for the week I’ve come to the conclusion that it does add value to your shave routine. The consistency or quality of the soap and lather produced by the soap does not lessen or weaken.

Each day the lather was thick and rich with a robust texture that filled my shave bowl from top to bottom with a lather that bloomed my shave brush like a flower with every application of lather to my Dome and face. At the end of week three my skin felt smooth and soft with no razor burn, cuts or nicks. I’m looking forward to week four and the benefits the shaving products from Colonel Conk adds to my shaving routine and skin care regimen. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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