Captain’s Choice six week Summary

Captain’s Choice


This summary marks the end of the six week shave project with Captain’s Choice shaving products. These last six weeks have been full of great shaves every day. The glycerin used as one of the ingredients found in the shave soap help lock moisture in the top layer of skin adding extra hydration and suppleness to your skin. These last six weeks I’ve tested the Captain’s Choice shaving products in different ways. I’ve tested the two samples of shave soap that came packaged in their own plastic tubs. The Lime and North scent shaving soap from Captain’s Choice both came in 5 oz. tub with enough room to build a shave ready lather. The plastic tubs that the two shave soap came packaged in is very convenient and time-saving. It takes more time to build a pre lather and then transfer it into another shave bowl and continue to work your mixture into a shave ready lather. Building your lather in its original container does have its cons though. Since you are building your lather upon the same soap in the same container your lather may be to thick. It’s hard to thin out the consistency of the soap if your constantly adding soap to the lather. One way to fix this is by loading your brush with lather and running it quickly under a steady stream of water before applying it to your Dome and face. This method will thin out the consistency of your lather to your liking.

The other shave soaps came in quarter ounce sample sizes that are good for several shaves. You can’t build your lather in quarter size sample size containers there is not enough room. When it comes to quarter sample sizes you will want to press your shave soap into the bottom of your shave bowl and build your lather from there. I like pressing shave soap but it’s hard for me to judge how much to press to get a good robust lather. A couple of things to keep in mind when pressing your shave soap. Number one is, when pressing your soap always smooth it out on the bottom of your bowl. if you have big chunks of soap on the bottom of your bowl they could clog up your safety razor when shaving. Number two is, make sure you press enough soap on the bottom of your bowl because once you start working up your lather it would be hard to add more if you need to.

I also had the Bay Rum and the Sandalwood aftershave splash in four fluid oz. bottles and several more samples in quarter fluid oz. bottles as well. The after shave no matter if it was in the four fluid oz. bottles or quarter oz. bottles performed in the same manner with toning the skin and fighting the early signs of aging. After shave splash also kills of any bacteria that may fester in small cuts and nicks caused from shaving. After shave splash can also help dry oily skin as well. I always use after shave splash and follow it up with after shave balm as well to add extra moisturization to my Dome and face. I had a four fluid oz. bottle of the Lime scented after shave balm from Captain’s Choice that soothed my skin after every shave. I also had several after shave balms that came in quarter oz. containers that performed the same as the Lime scented after shave balm that came in the four fluid oz. bottle. The sample size containers of the Captain’s Choice after shave splash and balm are TSA approved and ready for travel. No matter if you try the four oz. bottle of after shave balm and splashes or the quarter size containers the result will always be the same. a smooth finish to a fantastic shave from the Captain’s Choice shaving products. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to thoroughly try the shaving products from Captain’s Choice. These last six weeks have been more than perfect and I look forward to shaving with these products once again. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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