VanYulay Second Six Week Project Week Three Summary



At the end of the third week of the second six week project with VanYulay there is no significant change. My skin still feels smooth and has a nice shine to it. The skin on my dome and face still has a nice supple feel. I’m still building the lather in the same container the soap comes packaged in. This is the third week that I have skipped the shaving bowl and continued to build lather in the same tin that the soap is in. Skipping the shaving bowl helps conserve product since the left over lather dries back into the original soap. I love this feature of VanYulay soaps although if your soap is too soft it can really back fire on you. If you have a shave soap that is more soft than hard letting your lather dry up overnight back into the original soap can lessen the consistency by watering it down. This can really change how your soap performs for you. You really have to be careful with keeping your lather in the same container of the soap.

The other feature of the VanYulay soaps that I really like and has proven to be beneficial is with the 4.0 ounce soap tins or plastic tubs the soap is molded into stars. These stars come to a point and have more of a gradient texture and not a smooth texture. The soap itself is of a harder consistency. This combination of gradient stars and hard consistency soap makes creating lather in the same container both very fast and easy. It only takes a few minutes to create a soft and creamy lather for a great head and face shave. I love this feature of the VanYulay soaps and will always make it a point to acknowledge this feature when I can. At the end of week three I’m still loving the extended use of the VanYulay Soaps and look forward to week four. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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