VanYulay Second Six Week Project Week Four Summary



The end of the fourth week of the second six week project with VanYulay still brings great skin care qualities to light. VanYulay uses a lot of natural ingredients in all of their soaps including Jojoba, Calendula, Babassu, Emu and Coconut Oil. They also contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Olive and Argan Oils, Bentonite Clay and a multitude of Essential Oils for fragrance. The essential oils that are used for fragrance also have a lot of benefits for your skin care and healthcare including mental health as well. I mention all of these natural ingredients a lot in my weekly summaries with the shaving products from VanYulay for good reasons.

For one I want people to be aware of the great shaving products that VanYulay makes. It’s important to get the word out on the importance of great skin care and the products that offer you that great skin care. The second reason is that from the very first week to the end of this week which is number four I have noticed a lot of benefits from shaving with the soaps from VanYulay through healthier looking skin, and my skin has more of a soft and supple feel. Last but not least, these natural ingredients found in the VanYulay soaps also provide a rich and creamy lather with a robust texture that feels great on your skin as well as providing an excellent shave every time. If you want to research more of the benefits of the VanYulay shaving products you can visit VanYualy.Com and read more. At the end of week four the skin on my dome and face has a nice glow and tightness with a lot of tone. I’ve had no irritation cuts or nicks. The more supple my skin gets the less chances I have of these little inconsistencies during shaving. I’m nearing the end of the second six week project with VanYulay and then it will be onto the third week with new soaps and new adventures. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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