VanYulay Second Project Week Two Summary



At the end of the second week of the second six week project with VanYualy shaving soap my skin still feels and looks the same as it did at the end of last week soft and smooth with a comfortable post shave feel. This is the second six week project out of six projects with VanYulay. What I want to accomplish with these projects is to see if there are differences with day to day usage, to benefit from the great qualities the natural ingredients have that are found in the shaving soaps from VanYulay. I also want to test the longevity of the soaps by lathering each soap in its own container to see how much product I can conserve. These are all goals I want to accomplish within the six, six-week projects with VanYulay shaving products.

The second week I continued to lather each soap in its own container for conservation of product and time saving techniques. I noticed that lathering my chosen soap for the night within its own container does save you time. Wet shaving is not about time saving. If you want a fast shave then wet shaving may not be for you. Wet shaving is a lost art that takes time and patience to critique your technique. Having said that I will also say that you don’t always have a lot of time available to shave so finding ways to spare some time is always a plus in your favor. Lathering your soap in its own container means less preparation since you are not creating a pre-lather and then transferring to your shave bowl to turn your pre-lather into a shave ready lather. There is also less clean up time involved since you don’t have to clean out your shave bowl. Going into the third week of this VanYulay project I am still concentrating on building the lather in its own container to see how much soap I actually use and save. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.



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