VanYulay Second Project Week Six Summary



This marks the end of the second six week shave project with the VanYulay shaving products. My skin still feels soft and smooth as well as toned. These last six weeks I touched on a couple of points with the VanYulay shaving products. VanYulay uses a lot of natural ingredients in the making of their soaps. These natural ingredients have a lot of quality attributes for great skin care. The 4 oz containers has the soap molded into stars to help build a robust lather in a short period of time. VanYulay also uses a number of natural ingredients that help make this robust lather creamy and smooth for a fantastic shave. These natural ingredients also make the VanYulay shaving products a healthier choice for your skin. Less nasties on the skin mean better skin care you can see and feel.

One of the biggest changes I made with this last six week project compared to the first six week project is that I pushed the shaving bowl aside and focused on building the lather inside of the same container the soap came in. What I liked about this method was that it was less clean up and the left over lather I left to dry up back into the soap as long as I left the lid off overnight. The shaving soap from VanYulay has a hardened consistency making this possible. A soap that is on the softer side or even shaving cream would make this method a bad choice since the water used to make the lather would thin the soft soap or cream out ruining the consistency. This has been a great six weeks and I look forward to the next six week project. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.



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