Mark Gustafson DE safety razor

A quality shave from a craftsman!


I’m relatively new to the art of wet shaving but I can honestly say I love it. I love every aspect of wet shaving. From the bowls to the shaving creams or soaps all the way down to the brushes themselves I’m becoming a passionate wet shaver. I also love the fact that you can practice wet shaving anytime you want. You can certainly practice the art of wet shaving every day if you want to, or, you can also be a weekend warrior the choice is yours and there is no wrong or right answer. Although some might say differently, I say, it’s always your choice. Whether it’s wet shaving or cartridge shaving and don’t forget about cut throat shaving with a straight razor the choice is always yours. No matter what method of shaving you are practicing for the night it’s always important to make each shave as perfect as you can.

Lets be more specific and talk about DE safety razors, one of my favorite topics for discussion. I will admit I was intimidated by the thought of using a DE safety razor at first. I have always loved the looks of a DE safety razor but remembered all the horror stories I read and heard about regarding lots of cuts and blood. After I took the plunge and tried wet shaving I quickly realized how much better wet shaving is for you and your skin. One area of wet shaving that’s a pivotal point is DE safety razors. There are many different styles and brands of DE razors as well as many price ranges. Expensive or cheap does not always mean better. The type and style of blade also makes a difference as well. A non aggressive or aggressive blade with a heavy or light weight razor with a long or short handle that’s thick or thin in diameter makes a difference in your shave as well. Your skin type in relation to sensitive or non sensitive is one way to decide which combination of DE razor and blade to pick.

I found Mark Gustafson from on his DE safety razors caught my eye. Mark’s DE safety razor handles are hand crafted out of wood or acrylic. I quickly contacted Mark and was shaving with one of his DE safety razors before I knew it and I have to tell you I feel as though contacting Mark was a great decision and the quality of my wet shaving experiences will only get better when using one of his DE safety razors.

That’s right I said craftsmanship! Each one of Mark’s DE safety razor handles is handcrafted by Mark Himself. This means that each DE razor Mark sells has his blood, sweat and tears as well as his heart and soul in each handle of each DE safety razor. Each handle is different from the next since each handle is handcrafted by Mark. After shaving with one of Mark’s DE razors I’m positive that a quality shave is the same no matter what DE razor you decide to use from Mark. I picked the acrylic handle, but he also hand crafts wooden handles as well. The choice is yours and that’s always a plus in shaving. Choices are what keep your shaving routine fresh and new. Choices are what keep you a passionate shaver looking forward to each shave.

The green acrylic DE safety razor handle from Mark Gustafson is lighter weight in comparison to some other DE razors. The lightweight handle does not compromise the maneuverability or quality of shave at all you get when using this handcrafted DE razor from Mark Gustafson . The handle is made out of acrylic so of course its going to be lighter compared to a stainless steel handle. The main reason why the green acrylic handle is lightweight is because its hollow all the way from top to bottom. Why is it hollow you ask? Mark Gustafson not only handcrafts each one of his handles, he also adds a service free of charge for the life of each DE razor he produces of handle maintenance. If the handle to one of his DE razors becomes chipped, tarnished, gouged, scrapped, scuffed or warped in any way he will fix it for free. Now that’s a service worth talking about. That service has true craftsman written all over it. Just send him the handle from the razor and he will take care of the rest. Mark just wants the handle. You can disassemble and reassemble the razor with ease with no directions needed. Just a couple of twists and your razor comes apart. The blade replacement is standard among other DE safety razor blade replacements. The top of the razor head separates and the blade is easily removed and replaced. All of Mark’s DE safety razors can be used with any brand of DE razor blades. The head is standard size so no worry with ordering special DE razor blades, you can always use your favorite blades with one of Mark’s DE safety razors.

A quality shave from a handcrafted razor is Marks specialty!


Some wet shavers only shave with a heavy weight DE razor while some only shave with a lightweight razor. Some wet shavers shave with both. I like to fall into the category of both. A quality shave depends on may aspects such as the weight of the razor, aggressiveness of blade, lather consistencies and skin preparations before and after your shave, and lets not forget your technique. The acrylic handle from Mark’s DE razor is light weight that has a skinnier neck that turns into more of a bell-shaped bottom. At the very bottom sits a chrome finishing that’s part of the hardware of the razor itself. This chrome finishing is flared at the top.

The bell-shaped bottom with flared chromed finishing makes maneuverability and precision of shaving a quality and positive attribute with this DE safety razor from Mark Gustafson. The head of this DE safety razor has a deeper well on the bottom of the razor. I found that while shaving with this razor the deeper well allows the shaving cream or soap as well as the shaved hair to move into and fill the well making room for more shaving and strokes of the razor to happen before needing to rinse the razor off. Just because you can fill the well on the bottom of the with more soap and hair doesn’t mean it’s harder to clean. The soap and hair rinses off the razor easily and effortlessly every time.

The shave itself with the handcrafted DE razor from Mark Gustafson was as smooth as I wanted it to be. I choose the Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum Coated Blades because of the aggressiveness of the blade. I like aggressiveness it’s fewer strokes of my razor and a closer shave. Each stroke of the razor was smooth and comfortable. Like I previously stated the bell-shaped bottom and chrome finishing located on the bottom of the handle adds to the level of comfort gripping the handle while shaving. The handle is easy to grip and hold even with the handle is getting wet. I felt very safe right away during my first shave with this handcrafted DE razor from Mark Gustafson. The first head shave was nice as well. The razor maneuvered well during each head shave and was very easy to change angles in order to get to those hard to reach places on my head. The blind spots on my head was a breeze to shave as well. I even shaved a couple of strokes without using a mirror for guidance. Overall The hand crafted DE safety razor from Mark Gustafson at was a success and continues to be a success with every shave.

What are my final thoughts on the hand crafted DE safety razor handle from Mark Gustafson at A quality shave from a Quality razor produced from a quality craftsman! Mark Gustafson is a fine craftsman that makes each DE safety razor handle from heart. He’s a craftsman that understands quality and performance goes hand in hand. It’s very easy to tell just by looking at his hand-made DE safety razor handles that he knows what he is doing. Mark also guarantees quality even after your razor has been in use by refinishing the handle for free if needed for the life of your razor. How can you say no to that? Mark also runs his website with his son making it a father and son project. That tells me Mark Gustafson from is a well-rounded type of guy, but don’t take my word for it. you can find that out by yourself after visiting his fine website for one of his hand crafted DE razors or anything else on his website that you little heart desires. The hand crafted acrylic DE safety razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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