Dorco Prime Safety Razor

Get a prime shave with Dorco Prime! is a company that manufactures and sells disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving accessories for men and women. The company dates back to 1955 as a small company founded in South Korea. Today Dorco is Asia’s market leader in disposable shaving products. Dorco has become a recognized household name in some Asian countries and has made its mark in over 97 countries. Dorco introduced the worlds first 6 blade shaving system and to this day continues to manufacture new razors for the shaving community. Dorco has always been a company that has produced cartridge razors until Dorco decided to join the wet shaving circle.

The Dorco Prime DE razor was introduced on January 14 2015. The Dorco Prime was and still is making its way around the wet shaving circles and is becoming quickly accepted as a good starter razor. I remember when the Dorco Prime first came out. I just started wet shaving and I knew I wanted to try it. I decided to wait and read some of the reviews online. The bulk of the reviews all had good things to say with pros and cons. You will never find a razor that’s perfect for everyone. You may read one product review that’s very positive but yet very negative with the next reviewer. A review is strictly opinionated and you should always read more than one before deciding to buy a product. I decided that it was time to try the Dorco Prime for myself. I contacted Dorco and had my new razor in my hand in a short period of time. The customer service was prompt and delightful. I would definitely contact Dorco for other shaving needs in the future.

The Dorco Prime starter kit is not just for starters.


After receiving my Dorco Prime starter kit I quickly opened it and this what was in the box. One Dorco Prime DE safety razor, A hard plastic clam shell case to store the DE razor in when not in use and three packs of 10 blade DE razors to get you started which could very easily last you a year depending on what, where and when you shave. The plastic clam shell case has a mirror positioned in the lid so when you are traveling you wont be without a mirror to make sure you getting rid of all that unwanted hair. A nice touch by Dorco. There is a deeper notch underneath the razors resting spot to carry extra blades, another nice touch by Dorco. The only thing the clamshell case does not have room for is your soap and other accessories for shaving. When you are traveling, you usually don’t carry all of your shaving accessories just the essentials and the clam shell hard plastic case from Dorco makes that possible with less room needed in your suit case. If you think about it you could find some small packets of shaving cream to store inside the clamshell case and you’re traveling shave system would be complete.

The Dorco Prime is a chrome light weight DE razor that has a butterfly head that opens and closes by turning the bottom of the razor handle right or left. The butterfly head separates and opens on the top of the razor head. I like the butterfly style head more than the other style of DE razor that you have to unscrew the whole head to change the razor blade. The butterfly style head is safer with changing blades all you do is open the head from the bottom of the handle and then turn the razor upside down. The DE blade pops out and then you install a new blade by holding the end of the blade with your fingers. The solid head that you unscrew is easier to cut your fingers because you have to unscrew the whole head. There is more chance of cutting your fingers or the palm of your hand because you are touching more of the blade. The handle of the Dorco Prime is standard length and has a deep knurling giving the handle a good grip during shaving even when the handle was saturated with water or shaving cream the quality of grip did not change.

The Dorco Prime blade gap is small making this a non aggressive razor. The blade gap applies to how much of the razor blade is exposed to the skin on your Dome and face. Can you still cut yourself? yes, can you still get razor burns and nicks? absolutely! A non aggressive DE safety razor just means your less likely to get cuts and nicks and its less likely to get razor burn because of the small blade gap. If you have a very coarse beard or have not shaved in a couple of days, a razor with a bigger blade gap might serve you better since it would be more aggressive since the gap is bigger. Even with a non aggressive DE safety razor you still need to pay attention to what you are doing. A non aggressive razor is perfect for a beginner to learn the other important aspects of wet shaving like angle and pressure. With a non aggressive DE razor you can also try different DE blades to find the one that suites you more. Dorco also makes their own DE razor blades as well.

The Dorco DE razor blades are sharp but non aggressive. I shave my head and face every day and I got around 5-7 shaves per blade with the Dorco DE blades. The shave on my head was nice and smooth. It took me two passes on my Dome to rid my head of all that unwanted hair. The Dorco Prime was easy to maneuver around my Dome especially in the hard to reach areas around the back of the ears and the back of my head. The small blade gap kept me from cutting the back of my head. The back of my head took around three passes the first couple of shaves. After the third shave I was more used to the Dorco Prime so I cut the number of passes from three to two with ease. My face was and still is an average of two passes with the Dorco Prime which is standard for a lot of non aggressive safety razors. over all the Dorco Prime used for head shaving was a smooth and comfortable experience the same with the face shave.

Final thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the Dorco Prime DE safety razor? A prime time shave for any level of experience wet shaver. The Dorco Prime DE safety razor is a great razor for the beginner and for the more experienced in wet shaving. The blade gap is small making it harder to get cuts, nicks and razor burn. The Dorco Prime is a light weight razor with deep knurling on the handle giving it an excellent grip. The excellent grip makes maneuverability around the Dome and face easy and more manageable. I feel as though the Dorco Prime DE safety razor makes head shaving and face shaving more fun and enjoyable especially when you take the cuts and nicks as well as razor burn away from your daily shave. The first couple of shaves on my Face and Dome took additional passes to accomplish my daily head and face shave. Using a new DE safety razor takes a little bit of extra time to get use to. After a couple of extra passes I got use to my new Dorco Prime DE safety razor and know the passes are the same as they are with the other DE razors that I use. The Dorco Prime DE safety razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day


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