Dorco Prime Platinum

Get a smooth shave with the Dorco Prime DE



Which safety razor blade or DE blade for short is the best? This seems to be a question that has different answers depending on who answers the question. Why is that? because every one is different with different skin types. Some have soft and supple skin and some have rough and hardened skin. Some have beards and some are clean-shaven, and then there are some that shave their heads with safety razors. No matter what skin type category you fall into depends on which blade works best for you. Then there is the question of how much experience do you have and what type of safety razor are you using. The truth is, there’s not one perfect blade that suites every wet shaver. Every one has their personal favorite but what works for one may not work for the next. I have my favorites, but I also have a variety of blades that I use from time to time to switch things up so it doesn’t get boring.

I’ve come to appreciate a number of certain DE blades that seem to fall on the lower side of people’s list of top ten DE blades that they like to use. Some of these blades are on the mild side of aggressiveness and I think that’s why they may not be at the top of the list. There could be good reasons why this happens. In my opinion each DE blade that you try has its own learning curve that you have to figure out. I’ve learned that if it’s a more milder DE blade than a safety razor with more heft may be beneficial. The heavier the razor is the less pressure you have to use during shaving. This also prevents the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks. A hefty safety razor with a non aggressive blade makes for a comfortable shave. However if the skin on your face is tough or the hair on your face is course this still may not work out in your favor.

Dorco is a company founded in South Korea and now is Asia’s market leader for disposable shaving products and is recognized as a household name in numerous countries around the world. Dorco has definitely made its mark with disposable razors for men and woman. Dorco decided to dabble in the world of wet shaving by introducing the Dorco Prime safety razor along with Dorco safety blades. The standard Dorco safety blades fit the Prime safety razor as well as your favorite safety razor. The Dorco Prime safety razor was welcomed as a razor for beginners and is becoming more popular among wet shavers. Dorco decided to try a different route with their safety blades by upgrading to the Dorco Prime Platinum blades. I’ve tried both the Dorco and the Dorco Prime Platinum blades. The Prime Platinum blades are definitely an upgrade from the original blades. Both blades are still mildly aggressive but the Prime Platinum blades provide a smoother and more comfortable shave.

The difference between the Dorco safety blade and the Dorco Prime Platinum blade is that the Dorco Prime Platinum blade has a Teflon coating to give the blade extra smoothness and a longer life span in your safety razor. The Dorco Prime Platinum blades feel more sturdy and solid. These blades feel like they are meant to be used with a safety razor. I got seven to ten shaves per blade both Dome and face. Each shave with the Dorco Prime Platinum blade was smooth and comfortable. The Dorco blades are still mildly aggressive but are also more durable than the prior Dorco safety razor blades. The Teflon coating really does make a difference with how smooth of shave each blade provided. Each head shave was smoother than the last.

When it comes to shaving my head with a safety razor I use different angles on different parts of my head. Whether it’s with the grain (WTG) or against the grain (ATG) the angles change to follow the contours of my head to get the smoothest shave possible every time. Going with the grain on the top of my head it’s always starting from the front and working my way to the back with small fluid strokes. When I shave the sides of my head I also start from the top and shave down with small strokes. I then turn my safety razor upside down and shave in an upward 30 degree angle dragging my razor from back to front. when I shave the back of my head I start from the top and work my way down again in small strokes and then turn my safety razor upside down and work my way up dragging my razor in a 30 degree angle. What and how much pressure depends on which safety razor I’m using for my nightly shave. The Dorco blade provided a smooth shave every time no matter what safety razor I was using or what angle I was shaving in.

I used a couple of different safety razors with the Dorco Prime Platinum blades and every shave was smooth and comfortable. Each Dome and face shave ended in a close shave without razor burn, cuts or nicks. I enjoyed each shave and I plan on using the Dorco Prime Platinum Blades more often for my nightly shave. What are my final thoughts on the Dorco Prime Platinum blades? A great shave from a mildly aggressive safety razor blade. The Dorco Prime Platinum blades have a Teflon coating that increases the level of smoothness each blade provides. The Teflon coating increases the life span of the safety blade so you can enjoy each shave even more. The Dome and face shave with the Dorco Prime Platinum blades was a comfortable shave every time. The Dorco Prime Platinum blades are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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