Colonel Conk Monthly Razor Project

You just can’t beat a month with Colonel Conk Safety Razors!


Even before I started practicing the art of wet shaving I was a fan. I used to look at safety razors along with all of the other equipment that goes along with them. Bowls and brushes, stands and blades, I used to look at them all and think of how much better it would be if I started wet shaving. Truth be told I was a little scared of wet shaving after hearing stories of men slicing of an ear. Ok, so maybe not a whole ear but you catch my drift right? It wasn’t until much later that I decided to take the plunge and try wet shaving for the first time, and from then on my shaving routine changed forever. My first face and head shave with a safety razor will always be the most memorable and my favorite experience with wet shaving. The Colonel Conk #718 safety razor was my first safety razor.

The Colonel Conk #718 was gifted to me to use during my review of the Colonel Conk natural shaving products. I was really nervous my first time shaving with the #718 but those nervous feelings soon melted away as each stroke of my new safety razor glided across the skin of my dome and face. I finished my review as a new wet shaver eager to learn the ins and outs of wet shaving. I wanted to get all the experience I could with wet shaving while learning how to shave the correct way with as little injury as possible. Some time passed and I decided that I wanted to try a variety of Colonel Conk safety razors and review them on a broader spectrum. I decided I wanted to try a variety of Colonel Conk safety razors to compare and contrast the differences and similarities in a monthly review. I talked with Colonel Conk and they agreed to the project and sent some additional safety razors to get started. I was looking forward to shaving for a month with the Colonel Conk safety razors. If the additional razors provided the same quality shave as the #718 then I was in for a fantastic month of shaving!

The Colonel Conk safety razors all posses some of the same great qualities for a month of quality shaving!


I received three additional safety razors in the mail from Colonel Conk consisting of the #704 Chrome Handle, #712 Black Handle and the #723 Chunky. I decided to add the #718 to the project as well. Even though I already had reviewed the #718 once before I thought it would be appropriate to review it once more to compare it to the other safety razors in this project. I decided to start the first week of the project off with the #704 Chrome Handled safety razor. Thehas a long chrome plated handle with a knurling that provides a comfortable and stable grip even when the handle gets wet. The handle of the #704 is well balanced and hefty giving each stroke a fluidness that provides extra comfort and decreases the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The head of this safety razor screws on/off at the top of the neck. The head separates into two pieces for easy blade exchange and cleaning. The razor head is standard size fitting all of your favorite standard DE blades.

After the first week was over I moved on to the second week with the #712 Black Handle safety razor. The #712 has a long black handle that resembles a traditional Barbers Pole, hence the nickname the Barber Pole razor. The black handle has a sleek and shiny finish. I like the black and shiny finish of the handle against the chrome plated knuckle located at the bottom of the handle the contrast visually pops making you want to try this razor. The black shiny finish may lead you to believe that the handle is slippery when wet. This is not the case. Not once during the entire review did the handle of the #712 become slippery after it got wet. The lack of knurling on the handle does not change the grip value of the #712, it was just as comfortable to handle as the other razors in this project. The long hefty handle made shaving those hard to reach areas easier and with minor irritation that disappeared by the end of my nightly shave. The head of the #712 also screws on/off at the top of the handle separating into two pieces for blade exchange and cleaning. This standard razor head fits all standard DE blades. On to the third week out of the four week Colonel Conk safety razor review.

The third week was a little different. I was reviewing the third razor from Colonel Conk known as the ‘Chunky’. The took a little extra time to get the hang of. The handle is short but thick with a nice heft to it giving each stroke with this safety razor fluidness and stability increasing the comfort level with each shave. The #723 ‘Chunky’ also has a deep knurling on the handle providing a good grip. Once you put this safety razor in your hand you won’t have to struggle to hold on to it during your shave routine. Even though the razor is short and ‘Chunky’ shaving in those hard to reach areas is easy. The shorter ‘Chunky’ handle does not lessen the fluidness of each stroke. The #723 ‘Chunky’ provided a smooth clean shave every time. The #723 follows in the footsteps of the other safety razors pertaining to functionality of razor head. The razor head of the #723 screws on/off at the top of the handle separating into two pieces for easy blade exchange and cleaning. Just like the #704 and the #712 the razor head is standard size and fits all of your favorite standard DE blades. Third week down and one more to go.

The fourth and final week I reviewed the Colonel Conk #718 chrome handled safety razor. I’ve had this razor for a while now and have already reviewed it. I decided it would be appropriate to add the #718 to this project so once again I’m reviewing the This safety razor has a lot of meaning to me. This was my first safety razor and the first safety razor that I used for my first head shave. The #718 has a long and hefty handle with a deep knurling giving the handle extra grip. This razor won’t slip out of your hands during shaving, even if it gets wet. The long and hefty handle also gives this safety razor a lot of maneuverability for shaving around the difficult spots on your dome and face. The number one hardest spot for me to shave every time is back behind my ears. The #718 makes shaving behind my ears easy and quick. I feel very comfortable shaving with the #718. The #718 also has a standard razor head that screws on/off at the top of the handle separating into two pieces for cleaning and blade exchange. The #718 follows suite with the other three Colonel Conk safety razors I previously described above and fits all standard DE blades.

The reasoning behind the monthly razor project with Colonel Conk was to use see what similarities and differences there was with the Colonel Conk branded razors. All four razors had a mildly aggressive standard razor head that separated into two pieces. All four safety razor heads were standard size fitting all standard DE blades. I used a small variety of different DE blades at different levels of aggressiveness with each razor to see what kind of shave it produced. Feather, Derby, Gillette Silver Blue, Dorco Prime Platinum Plus, Baili, Zyletek PolSilver, Astra and the Gillette 7’o Clock DE Blades all performed well. The more milder DE blades required more pressure on my part during shaving that caused some minor irritation that lasted only a short period of time. The more aggressive DE blade required less pressure and there was almost no irritation at all.

The handle length with all four razors was close to the same but some difference especially with the #723 ‘Chunky’ that had a very short handle. Each handle had a different knurling. Thehad no knurling at all but a shiny black finish. The #712 is commonly refered to as the ‘Barber Pole’ razor since the handle resembles a traditional barber pole. All four razor handles had different style, length and depth of knurling or no knurling at all. This difference or lack of knurling did not change the grip value of all four razors reviewed as a whole over the month. Each razor had a good grip during shaving that prevented the razor from slipping out of your hands even after the handle got wet. This promotes reliability and accountability with the Colonel Conk Branded razors. Overall the monthly shave project with the Colonel Conk branded safety razors seemed to go very fast. I had an excellent time reviewing these razors and I look forward to adding them into my daily shave routine.

Final Thoughts


What are my final thoughts on the ? Fantastic, reliable and consistent are just a few out of the many thoughts that I have to describe these safety razors. Colonel Conk has been around the shaving table for a long time. They built their reputation by word of mouth years before social media was even a glimmer in the consumers eye. Colonel Conk has a social media presence but does not solely rely on that avenue for marketing. They are a strong company that has carved out their cornerstone in the foundation of quality shaving products for men and they are not going anywhere soon. There shaving products as well as their razors speaks for themselves.

All four safety razors no matter what their differences are provided a comfortable and smooth shave. All four safety razors were on the hefty side adding fluidness of strokes to each glide of the razor across the skin on my dome and face. Each shave with the different types of DE blades were different but overall I enjoyed every day with the Colonel Conk safety razors. If you have not tried one of the Colonel Conk branded safety razors you should because you’re going to love the way it feels in your hands and the shave itself. The #704 Chrome Handle, #712 Black Handle, #723 ‘Chunky’ and the #718 Colonel Conk branded safety razors are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and all others who have hair. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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