The Straight Razor Project Week Four Summary

The Straight Razor Project


The fourth week of the #StraightRazorProject I was making good progress with shaving both sides of my face, jaw line and the neck shaving was getting a lot smoother with less irritation. I decided it was time to add my chin and upper lip to my shaving routine. Pulling the skin tight on my chin was a little on the difficult side. I tried a couple of different angles for shaving on my chin trying to accomplish as smooth as shave as possible. Shaving straight down with a 10-15 degree angle seemed like the right degree and angle but still caused a lot of irritation. I tried stretching the skin in different directions but had no success. I was removing hair from my chin but with a lot of irritation at the end. I thought there had to be a better way to shave my chin. I also chalked it up to inexperience.

When I first started shaving with a safety razor I had a lot of irritation on different parts of my face and head that now are not so much of problem areas for me. I’ve gained enough experience with a safety razor that I can shave and not have a lot of irritation as long as I pay close attention to what I’m doing. With wet shaving or traditional shaving you are always learning. The experience you gain only improves your shaving routine to the next level and allows you to share your experience with others. I knew if I kept trying on my
chin it would only get better. After a couple of days I tried a different angle that proved to be very successful in terms of less irritation. Instead of shaving straight down I tried shaving in a downward angle on the first pass and then on the second pass I continued to shave straight down. This different angle caused less irritation and the only part of my chin that I still have a problem with is on the very bottom. I’m sure with a little bit of practice I’ll get that part as well.

I also added my upper lip to my shaving routine and boy that’s a sensitive area to shave. I’ve noticed that the hair on my upper lip is more coarse than the hair on the rest of my face. The upper lip is also harder for me to shave since it’s a much narrower area. It’s also very hard to stretch the skin of my upper lip to get a smooth shave. I also tried shaving at more of an angle instead of straight down. This different angle was a little smoother and less irritating. I shaved my chin and upper lip separately the first couple of times and then lathered both areas up at once and completed one full shave with two to three passes. At the end of week four I’m shaving all parts of my face but not in one pass. I’m still lathering each part separately, completing the shave and then moving on to the next part. In week five I will start to merge all parts of my face together into one shave with multiple passes. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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