The Straight Razor Project Week Five Summary

The Straight Razor Project


Week five of the straight razor project brought a new straight razor to the project. The Hart Steel straight razor from Hart Steel is an American based artisan company that hand crafts and assembles each part of the razor right here in the USA. The Hart Steel is a fine razor that feels good on your skin and provides a high quality shave every time. I was very excited when this razor arrived in the mail. I was equally excited when I saw the other shaving product that came along with the razor which I will talk about in a future review. I’m still new to straight razor shaving and I don’t have a lot of experience with specific aspects of a straight razor. The only experience I have so far is with the five razors I’m using so far during this project.

The first thing I did when the Hart Steel arrived in the mail was examine the razor right out of the box before using it. The top of the ‘scales’ or handle is called the ‘pivot point’. The ‘pivot point’ is located between the ‘Shank’ and the ‘Tang’ it pivots the razor blade in and out of the ‘Scales’. The other four razors have a pivot point that is fixed and non adjustable. The Hart Steel razor’s pivot point is adjustable through a hex nut and you also receive a hex wrench to adjust the scales to your liking. I adjusted the tightness of the scales several times during shaving to find the sweet spot. I found out that keeping the scales looser works best for me. This way I can adjust the razor and scales accordingly in my hand while I’m shaving. This also gives you the option of changing the scales if you want to.

I had already been shaving my whole face in two passes with the other straight razors, but decided to take it slow with the Hart Steel since I was unfamiliar with it. The first time I used it I just focused on shaving my right cheek. The steel felt really good against my skin. The Hart Steel razor comes shave ready right out of the box. The blade felt sharp but very smooth. I also started holding my razor in a different way compared to when I started shaving with a straight razor. I started off positioning one finger on the ‘shank’ and two fingers on the ‘Tang’. I noticed that I was having more trouble with keeping the razor steady so I switched my finger position to two fingers on the ‘shank’ and two on the ‘tang’ with my thumb resting on the ‘jimps’ or ‘fluting’ which are located on the bottom of the ‘shank’. I also concentrated on keeping my wrist straight instead of angling it which I started to do without noticing. These tiny changes made a big difference in the quality of shave I started to get.

After 2-3 days of quality shaving I decided to just try my whole face with the Hart Steel razor and had great success in two passes. I had a couple of nicks along the way but nothing major. The end of week five of the straight razor project I felt very confident with using a straight razor. I still take my time and respect the process and enjoy the quality shave a straight razor gives you when using the right techniques. I still and always will practice stropping the razor every time before use to keep the blade aligned correctly. After a couple more weeks I will be ready to start learning how to shave my head with a straight razor. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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