The GoodShave Razor

GoodShave razor gives you a Good Shave!


The shaving industry makes around 13 billion dollars a year. WOW!! that’s a lot of shaving money. That’s also a lot of cartridges too. The problem with big shaving companies is you spend a lot of money on razors every year. Razor companies charge a lot of money for their razors that just get thrown away. That’s a lot of wasted money and a lot of razors just lying around doing nothing. There are a couple of options you can choose.

The first option is to just stop shaving all together by just saying no to the razor and become grizzly adams. You may like this idea and every man is different. Some men don’t want facial hair and some men don’t have the option of not shaving depending on certain situations. Another option is to ditch the cartridge shaving all together and learn the art of wet shaving. Some men have done this and will never look back at cartridge shaving again. Wet shaving is just not for every one. Not every one wants to wet shave or even try to learn how to wet shave, that’s what shaving is all about choices and how you want to shave. The third option is the middle ground and seems to be the option a lot of men are choosing.

Over the last couple of years subscription shaving clubs have emerged to offer you a quality razor at a discounted price. Their gimmick is simple. Pay a monthly service and get razors at a cheaper price every month. It’s a genius idea that many shavers have switched to. That’s exactly what Good Shave is and offers. I found GoodShave .com while searching for razors. What attracted me to was the handle to the razor and the cheapness of their monthly subscriptions for razors. I still practice the art of wet shaving on my face and Dome, but I still use a cartridge as well on my head. After a couple of emails the GoodShave was in my hands giving me a good shave and more bang for my buck. I’m sure once you try the GoodShave razor you will also feel you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

The is a product that goes beyond just having a great razor with a quality shave. GoodShave will donate one razor to a food bank or homeless shelter for every razor bought. A one to one ratio. I think that’s very generous of GoodShave and goes to prove that GoodShave wants to give as much as they get. Providing a food bank or homeless shelter with shaving products is something that hasn’t been done yet. GoodShave is making a positive contribution in other peoples lives that are financially challenged and affording shaving products is not on the list of must haves. GoodShave is definitely a company that I can stand behind and proudly support.

GoodShave comes in three monthly subscription options


I’m a creature of habit when it comes to a lot of things and choosing a razor has always been the hardest thing for me to choose. When I first started shaving I found the Mach 3 and was hooked. I was a huge Gillette fan for years and years! faithful to Gillette there was nothing better. I tried several razors throughout the years but always went back to the Mach 3. Then I saw a commercial for the Schick Hydro 5 and decided maybe it was time for a change. The Schick Hydro 5 is a 5 blade razor compared to the Mach 3 at 3 razors blades. I instantly was hooked and never went back to the Mach 3. I then saw Schick made a Hydro 5 sensitive and tried those and switched to that right away after the first time trying it. The Hydro 5 Sensitive are still a little cheaper than the rest but a far cry from how financially cheap the GoodShave razors are and still a great quality shave as well.

The difference between GoodShave and other razor monthly subscription services is this. There is no difference in razors or handles it’s all the same, the price is just cheaper by far. You have the choice between a monthly, three-month and six month subscription option. Of course the first option is always the cheapest if you compare a monthly plan to the six month subscription plan, but comparing prices in the long run the six month subscription is the cheapest by far. Your first shipment you get the handle along with 4 razors. Every month you get 4 new razors only. If something happens to the razor handle at any time, no problem, GoodShave will replace it for free.

GoodShave will replace the handle at anytime should something happen to it. Once you get the handle of the GoodShave razor in your hand you will quickly realize just how well made and substantial the handle to this razor really is. Lets talk about aesthetics. The handle of the razor is a gray color on top and black on the bottom. The handle is wide and flat which is different from the normal cartridge razor which is more roundish. The under belly of the razor is thick at the top end and thins out near the bottom. I really like the shape/width and depth of the razor. these elements help with grip of the razor at all times. At no time of shaving did I lose control or felt like I was losing control of the GoodShave razor. This is comforting to me and gives me a feeling of security with the GoodShave razor. When you have a good sense of security with a razor you are likely to have better shaves. Better shaves with the GoodShave razor is always a good thing! The top of the GoodShave razor handle houses the razor itself. The four blade razor has a comfort strip at the top and a roller at the bottom that prevents the razor from total contact on the skin. This roller does not take away the close shave aspect of this razor. The roller allows a very close shave but prevents a lot of nicks and cuts as well as razor burn. You can actually feel the roller gently rolling on your skin still providing you with a very close shave. The shave on my face was very close and comfortable. The shave on my head was just as close. Using a cartridge razor to shave both your head and face really can dull blades quickly. I got seven days worth of shaving both my head and face with one cartridge. that’s perfect considering every month you get four fresh blades in the mail.

If you just shave your face every day than four new blades a month are going to be more that what you need. If you don’t shave every day than four blades a month are going to add a nice pile of razors in your shaving den. If this starts to happen and you want to hold of on getting more razors in the mail the GoodShave has got you covered. You have the option in the beginning when setting up you account to pay on a monthly basis meaning you can skip a month if you want to. If you sign up for the three and six month subscription and you want to cancel your subscription, that’s no problem with GoodShave. You can cancel at any time with out worries of a cancellation fee. Your shaving plan is really up to you. GoodShave puts you in control the whole time. I think that’s one of the most attractive points of the GoodShave razor plan is that you have almost total control of what you get and when you get it.

Maintenance of the GoodShave razor is just as good as the shave itself!


One of the biggest problems I’ve had with a lot of cartridge razors in the past is keeping the razor itself clean. GoodShave has got that covered as well. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick it was with cleaning the razor handle and razor head itself. Usually when I shave with a cartridge razor it doesn’t take long to clog up the space between the razor blades of the razor especially when shaving my head. The hair gets so compacted into the head I wind up beating the razor on the bottom of my sink to get all the hair out. The GoodShave razors razor blades are farther apart making it easy for cleaning all that unwanted hair out of the razor and down the sink where it belongs.

Some of my readers might stop and say, “wait a minute, blades that are farther apart? doesn’t that mean more chance for razor burn and those pesky cuts and nicks?” My rebuttal to that is this, Nope…..yes the blades are farther apart from each other but with the roller on the bottom of the razor head itself you still get a close shave but the razor head is slightly elevated meaning less chances of those pesky imperfections you may be susceptible to during shaving. cleaning the handle of the GoodShave razor is just as easy. The all black button on top of the razor handle near the top is to release the razor head from the handle making replacement nice and easy. The handle is sleek and modern looking without a lot of nooks and crevices to retain hair and old shaving soap or cream. Simply wash the handle off and your done. The replacement razors come in a sealed package that’s very easy to open. GoodShave has really thought of it all.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts of the GoodShave razor? A good shave from the GoodShave is what you get every time. You can’t go wrong with the razor from the GoodShave. Sometimes simplicity is the spice of life. There are multiple monthly razor subscription plans you can pay to get away from the expensive cost of big razor companies. Most of the monthly subscription plan offer you a different razor for a higher monthly cost. The GoodShave makes it simple for you one great razor that provides a quality shave every time. The bigger the monthly subscription plan you choose the more money you save in the long run. You still get the same amount of razors, the overall price is just cheaper for you. One razor cartridge lasted about seven days with shaving my head and face so like I said four new blades a month is a perfect number for me. The roller located on the bottom of the razor head has a nice comforting feel but does not take away from the quality of each shave. It rather adds quality to your shave preventing total skin contact adding better prevention of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Once you try the GoodShave razor you to will notice just how good the GoodShave razor gives you a good shave. The GoodShave razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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