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Wet shaving is a time-honored tradition that not only is alive and well close to home here in the United States but far away as well. Wet Shaving either as a hobby or full-blown addiction can be found all over the world. As a wet shaving enthusiast my self I’ve talked with shavers from Africa, all over Europe and the middle east. Any were you find shaving you will find wet shaving and for good reason. Shavers all over the world are ditching their cartridge razors and switching over to find out for themselves the higher quality and comfort level that wet shaving provides. Wet shaving not only provides more quality and comfort to your shaving routine but it also saves you money. The initial investment may be a little expensive once you buy all of your equipment, but once that’s over with you can start shaving for pennies on the dollar.

Shave soap or cream and blades for you safety razor are relatively cheap and once you compare these prices to buying cartridge razors you can’t help to notice the savings wet shaving will bring to your pocket. When you are searching to buy the right shaving equipment there are literally thousands of choices to make. The task of the right razor, brush and bowl can seem overwhelming at first. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a safety razor, brush and bowl you can find all of these items relatively cheap by either searching online, or sometimes you can find these items at your local retail store. Another option is, you can join some of the online shaving forums on social media and ask questions regarding what is the best shaving equipment to buy for beginners at the best price. The online shaving community is a great resource for that information.

When it comes to searching online for some of your shaving equipment there are many online stores and websites to search. I found on a popular social media website. Maclurasurgical is a trading company as well as a manufacturer of shaving and barbering products. They sell it all from safety razors to barbering tools, from straight razors to shaving bowls, brushes and stands. If you’re looking to buy shaving products then Maclurasurgical is the place to be. I had several friendly conversations about wet shaving with Maclurasurgical and their customer service is what you are looking for in a company you are buying from. Quick and prompt and very attentive. In no time I had a package from Maclurasurgical sitting on my door step with some goodies for shaving. I was excited to open the package and get started. After all who doesn’t get excited about shaving product?

A great shave from Maclurasurgical!


I was excited to open the care package from Mclurasurgical and see the two safety razors that I was eagerly waiting to try. Not all safety razors are the same. I think for me it’s the thrill and anticipation of the first shave that I look forward to. All safety razors have some what of a learning curve to master. There are a couple of attributes such as heftiness, aggressiveness, knurling on, and length of handle that can tell a lot about a safety razor within its first shave. Lets not forget about fluidness of stroke to help prevent razor burn, cuts or nicks. I’m a big fan of safety razors with heft. A safety razor with weight to it means I have to use less force during shaving by letting the razors do most of the work. A razor with heft also means that a DE blade that’s more on the non aggressive side will prove to be more productive because the weight of the razor adds more natural pressure during shaving, but with an aggressive blade you have to be more careful and aware of cuts and nicks.

The two safety razors I received from Maclurasurgical had similarities and differences but both razors provided a smooth shave. The first safety razor I tried was the heftier of the two safety razors I had to try from Maclurasurgical. The long all stainless steel well balanced handle has a large circumference with a nice knurl that helps prevent slippage when getting wet during your shaving routine. Located at the bottom of the nicely weighted handle lies two rounded nodules for decoration. There is also a more rounded nodule located at the top of the handle resting underneath the head of the razor. This safety razor is one of the heaviest razors I have yet to shave with. The first time you pick this razor up and hold it in the palm of your hands you will notice how heavy it is. The heaviness of the razor helps to increase the fluidness of each stroke. I tried several DE blades from mildly aggressive to aggressive and each shave was smooth and comfortable. This razor was a beast and it shaved like a beast with great results. I was very impressed with the functionality and outcome with each shave of this safety razor and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite razors to use for shaving. This razor also came with a leather pouch to store it in when not in use. The form-fitting leather pouch is perfect for traveling or just because. Either way you choose, this leather pouch is perfect for keeping your safety razor in tip-top condition.

The second safety razor that I received from Maclurasurgical had a smaller handle in circumference and length but was still well-balanced and hefty. The handle also has a comfortable knurling that prevents slippage when wet during shaving. The three-inch brass and chrome plated handle razor weights in at seventy grams which is lighter than the other safety razor I tried but still heavy enough to make a difference. I also tried several style DE blades with this razor as well ranging from non aggressive to aggressive and the results were the same as they were from the other safety razor I had previously reviewed. The heftiness of this razor made each stroke fluid and comfortable making razor burn, cuts and nicks less likely to occur. The head of both razors are standard in size meaning any standard size DE blade will work in these safety razors. The heads screw on and off from the handles and separate into two pieces for blade removal. Both safety razors came prepackaged in their own boxes with the Maclurasurgical name stamped right on the front of the box in big bold white letters.

I also received a small stainless steel shaving bowl with the safety razors as well. What I liked most of all about the stainless steel shaving bowl was how easy it was to clean. I also liked how lightweight the bowl was. Easy to clean and lightweight, I can definitely get used to that. Even with the stainless steel shaving bowl being on the smaller side compared to my other shaving bowls there was plenty of room for enough lather to complete my nightly shave with a little bit of lather left over. Less wasted lather is always a plus in my book. I was really surprised at how much I liked a smaller shaving bowl. The smaller shaving bowl was easier to manage and store at the end of the night. I’ve used this shaving bowl several times since the review and I’m growing to enjoy it more and more every time. Last but not least I also received a shavette along with the razors, leather pouch and stainless steel shaving bowl. I have not reviewed the shavette yet and will at a future date. I’m definitely looking forward to reviewing the shavette because it’s one step closer to shaving with a straight razor. Watch for this review coming soon.

So what are my thoughts on the shaving product from Maclurasurgical? Great product that brings quality to your shaving routine with each shave. The two safety razors that I received for review have some similarities such as both razors have heft giving each stroke a fluidness that increases comfort for each shave with both aggressive and non aggressive blades. The handles of both razors have a knurling that prevent slippage during shaving even when the handles get wet. The heads of both razors are standard so all of your favorite standard DE blades will fit. The stainless steel shave bowl was easy to clean after my nightly shave and even easier to store since it was on the smaller side compared to some of my other shave bowls. The shaving products from Maclurasurgical are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day


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