The Straight Razor Project Week Two Summary

The Straight Razor Project


The second week of the #StraightRazorProject went a little smoother than the first week. The first week was really slow and a little intimidating since it was all new to me. The second week I was more confident with each shave. Confidence increases safety during shaving making each stroke more fluid and stable. During the second week I still used all three safety razors that were available to me. In the next couple of weeks I will use each razor for one week at a time to get a good feel for each razor. Until then I will continue to use all three razors for the week to get a good feel for straight razor shaving. During the first half of the second week I still focused on shaving my left cheek starting from the top of the sideburn to the bottom of my jaw line. I puffed my cheek out to get a smoother and closer shave. Each stroke was more fluid and easier to keep the same angle of 25-30 degrees. I felt ready to move on to the right cheek and started the process all over again. On Wednesday of the second week I included the right cheek to my nightly shave as well. The right cheek was easier to accomplish since it’s the same process just the opposite side of the face. The angle and pressure are the same, the most difficulty I had was using my opposite hand. Before I started shaving with a straight razor I watched several videos on YouTube for beginners and each video stressed using the same hand on the same side of the face for shaving. This made a lot of sense to me and that’s a technique that I started practicing from the beginning.

Along with starting to shave the right cheek I also started shaving behind my jaw line underneath my ear. This was a more tricky spot because there was a lot of angle around the jaw line to shave without seriously cutting my self. The first angle I tried was not
even close to being correct. The approach I had with the razor was to vertical with a steep angle. I was lucky I didn’t seriously cut myself before I changed the angle to 15-20 degrees with the spine of the razor almost touching my skin. Once I started using that angle shaving behind my jaw line underneath my ear went a lot smoother. I shaved my cheeks and the area behind my jaw line separately so I could take my time and not rush. Once I could shave both areas smoothly I could then start to incorporate the two areas together into one shave. By the end of the second week I was shaving the left cheek and started shaving the right with the same angle and pressure as the left. I also started shaving around the back of the jaw line underneath the ear. I was looking forward to the third week and accomplishing the right cheek along with the jaw line before moving on to the neck and eventually the chin and upper lip. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.



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