The Straight Razor Project Introduction

The Straight Razor Project


Welcome to the introduction of my straight razor project. I’m new to straight razor shaving and this project is one way of documenting my trials and errors as well as accomplishments as I learn the art of cut throat shaving. There are a couple of brands that through their kindness and generosity has made it possible to get this project started. Graham Hawcroft is a gentleman that has a lot of experience when it comes to straight razor shaving. Graham has a shop on Etsy.Com called straightrazzors. Graham Hawcroft can also be found on his Facebook page Straightrazzors and is also on Twitter @straightrazzor . KC shave is also a brand that sells shaving product and has helped with this project. KC shave can be found on their website on facebook, twitter @KCShaveCo and Instagram, If you are on the hunt for a website that offers a lot of shaving products then is a site you want to visit. Royal Shave is also a brand that has helped make this project possible. Find their website or find them on twitter @RoyalShave and facebook. Lee from Wet Shaving products has a lot of shaving knowledge and has also helped get this project of the ground. If you are looking for some fantastic shaving products you can definitely find them on WetShavingProducts.Com, you can also find him on twitter and facebook. More brands are joining my project and I will update this page from time to time with their contact information and were to find their great products.

I’ve admired straight razors for a long time and always wanted to try them, however, I was also very afraid to try because they looked a little of the intimidating side. Straight razors have no guard on them like a safety razor does. There is no safe point with a straight razor, It’s just a sharp blade that if used incorrectly can really cause you a lot of harm. It would be very easy to seriously cut yourself if you are not paying attention to what you are doing. Those thoughts are what always changed my mind about following through with learning how to shave with a straight razor.

Fast forward a couple of years to the point in time when I decided to switch to safety razors and I revisited the idea of shaving with straight razors. This time I decided to just go for it but wanted to put my experience into a project that I could share with others that are beginners like me or more experienced with straight razors. I figured why not learn the correct way from others with more experience. I’ve gotten a lot of good response and feedback on different aspects of straight razor shaving with the different parts of my face. Eventually I will learn how to head shave with a straight razor as well. I look forward to this long project and working with the brands that participate in this project along the way. The shaving community is a great community to be a part of. There are a lot of shavers that love to share their knowledge of shaving through mentoring or providing tips to new shavers to help them gain experience and skip the heartache of irritation caused by bad techniques learned by new shavers. Their are also many websites you can join that revolve around shaving were you can ask all the questions you want. Last but not least their are also individuals or brands that love to help further along the progression of traditional shaving into the mainstream community by sharing certain shaving material. I feel very fortunate to have met some of these individuals and brands that helped me share my experience and love of shaving to others.

I use the term traditional shaving because wet shaving can be a little confusing. Wet shaving means shaving with a wet razor or getting a razor wet during the shaving process. The term wet shaving can mean safety razor, cartridge or straight razor. Traditional shaving refers to straight razors which were used by barbers before safety razors and cartridge razors were patented and manufactured. Men used to have to go to their local barber for a good shave with a straight razor. Once safety, cartridge and electric razors came to be straight razors were used less and less. Traditional shaving is one form of shaving that has been making a big comeback. More men are practicing the art of traditional shaving and experiencing first hand how much better their skin feels compared to the use of cartridge or electric razors. Not only does traditional shaving feel better on your skin but the cost is much, much lower as well. I will document my progress with summaries and product reviews along the way. I will also include shaving videos and online articles on how to care for your straight razor keeping it in good condition to continuously provide fantastic shaves. Welcome to my #Straightrazorproject I hope you can find value and learning tools that will guide and aide you along your own shaving journey!


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Graham Hawcroft
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(1.) Twitter
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(4.) KCshaveCo.

(1.) Twitter
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(4.) RoyalShave.Com

Wet Shaving Products
(1.) Twitter
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(4.) Pinterest
(5.) WetShavingProducts.Com

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