Timeless Razor Monthly Shave Project

A month of Timeless shaving!


Not to long ago I spent a week with the TRH2 safety razor from Timelessrazor.com you can read the review here (Time Less Razor) I loved and still love the TRH2 I think it provides a close and comfortable shave every time. I said it once and I’ll say it again. I think it’s a titan razor that’s built to last with class and elegance. I don’t know about you but when I find a safety razor that I really like I want to use it all the time, and if a brand sells more than one kind of safety razor then I want to try them all. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to safety razors. All safety razors are not the same they each have their own signature shave and sweet spot, you just have to find it. After the week I spent with the TRH2 I decided I wanted to spend a whole month with Timeless Razor.

Once again I talked with my favorite bunch of machinist about a monthly project and they agreed, so once again I waited with anticipation for my package from TimelessRazor.Com to arrive on my door step. I always love the anticipation of waiting for a new package of shaving products, even though you see the product on line it’s not the same as seeing it in real life. If the package I’m waiting for is filled with soaps and creams I love the initial aroma the inside of the box has when I fist open it up, and the initial aroma of the soap is fantastic when I open or twist of the lid of the container for the first time. If the package I’m waiting for contains razors I love to see the shininess of the razor or razors before they are first used. There is just something special about the anticipation of a mail call for shaving products. I’m sure you know the feeling and what I’m talking about. The anticipation of a box full of Timeless Razors will give you the same anticipation and more. If you have had the privilege of a great shave by one of their razors then you know the feeling and if you haven’t had this pleasure yet I suggest you do so right away.

A Perfect Shave For The Whole Month!


I waited very patiently for my box of razors from Timeless Razors to arrive and once it came I opened the box to find the TRH1 and TRH4 handle with TRSBH1 solid bar head (base and cap). I already reviewed the TRH2 pineapple design razor handle but decided to add it to the monthly review. One of the many things I like about Timeless razor is the compatibility of each razor. You have many choices when ordering your razor such as what kind of handle you want, do you want a closed or open comb razor head and you also have a choice of either an aggressive or mild blade gap. Lots of choices to choose from. Here’s the fun part, you could order two totally different razors from Timeless razor and interchange the parts. All razor parts fit each other so you can experiment until your little heart is content.

The TRH1 knurled razor handle weights in at 71 Grams giving it a nice weight for a smooth shave. The length of the handle is 85.1mm with a diameter of 12.6mm. Out of the three razors I reviewed from Timeless Razor the TRH1 handle is the shortest in length and diameter compared to the other three handles. This lack of length and diameter does not compromise the quality of shave the TRH1 provides. In fact what it lacks in length and diameter is more than compensated by the quality of knurling found on the handle. Some razors have a knurling that looks elegant and classy but you don’t feel it while you are holding it in the palm of your hand. This is not the case with the TRH1. The knurling grips your hand more than you grip the razor. It has a very comfortable but noticeable knurling with no slippage even after the handle gets wet. Once you get the TRH1 handle in the palm of your hand it stays there until you decide to put it down. This creates a sense of reliability and stability that puts you at ease with each shave. The TRH1 is a great shave every time.

The TRH4 handle barber pole design and round neck weights in at 100 Grams with a 100MM length and 14MM in diameter. The dimensions of the TRH4 barber pole handle are very close to the same dimensions of the TRH2 pineapple design handle that consist of 94 Grams in weight, 100MM long with 14MM in diameter. This handle is a little longer and bigger in diameter compared to the TRH1. What I like about this handle is how it reminds me of a barbers pole. The knurling on the handle is elegant and it feels good in your hand. The knurling does not grip the palm of your hand like the knurling on the THR1 but it’s still noticeable. The longer width and length of the TRH2 gives this handle an increased maneuverability for small places such as back behind your ears or around your jaw line and Adam’s apple on your neck. This was the second handle I tried with good results for every shave.

The TRH2 Pineapple design handle with fluted neck weights in at 94 Grams, is 100mm in length and 14mm in diameter. The TRH2 is a little lighter than the TRH4 Barber Pole handle by 6 grams but doesn’t seem to change the quality of shave it provides. The pineapple design handle provides a lot of grip. The handle varies in girth at certain points of the razor. The pineapple design knurling falls on the areas of the handle were the girth is the greatest. I particularly like this attribute of the TRH2 simply because it feels easier to hold onto. A razor that feels easier to hold onto is a razor that’s both fun and relaxing to use. Another reason why I added the once already 
reviewed TRH2 handle to this monthly review is to talk about the ability to interchange handles with razor heads. All of the Timeless Razors have interchangeable parts. Their handles and razor heads only interchange with each other so you can mix and match to create different razors. I received along with the two handles an additional razor head to add to the project.

I already had the Scalloped cap with matching scalloped base that I previously reviewed. The smooth cap with matching base was the additional razor head that I received. The Scalloped cap and base has a blade gap of 0.95MM for a more aggressive shave. The smooth cap and bases blade gap measures in at 0.68MM for a more
milder shave. I do prefer a more aggressive shave for my head as long as the razor has a nice weight to it. The heavier the razor is the less pressure you need letting gravity do a lot of the work. All three handles from Timeless Razor are on the heftier side so even with a milder blade gap you wont need as much pressure to get a close and comfortable shave. I mixed and matched all three handle with both the scalloped and smooth razor head with matching base. The scalloped head and base with the aggressive blade gap did very well with each handle.

I had no irritation at all on my head and face. The edges of the safety bar located on both sides of the base is more rounded compared to some other safety razors that have more of a pointed edge on their safety bar. This well rounded edge means you can change the angle of your razor during shaving without causing extra irritation. If the safety bar is more pointed changing the angle of your razor may cause the safety bar to dig into your skin more causing a lot of irritation. Each shave with the razor handle and scalloped head and base combination was close and comfortable. I got a baby but smooth (BBS) shave in two passes on my head and face. The results I got with the smooth razor head with the milder blade gap was about the same. The safety bar on the base of the smooth razor head was also rounded just like the scalloped razor head. I did have to make a couple additional passes with the smooth razor head to achieve the same baby but smooth outcome because of the milder blade gap but at the end of the shave the level of comfort and smoothness was the same and both razor combinations weather aggressive or mild provided a close shave. I also tried multiple DE blades with all three handles and razor head combinations. The more aggressive the blade the less pressure I needed. Even with the duller DE blades I used less pressure because of the heftiness of the handles. So which handle and razor combination is better? I think that’s a question only you can make. Depending on sensitivity of skin, length and coarseness of hair and frequency of shaving all play a role in what razor works best for you. What angle you use during shaving should also be included in your decision. I’m just here to tell you how fantastic the safety razors are from Timeless Razor.

Final Thoughts!


So what are my final thoughts on the razor handles and razor heads from TimelessRazor.com? A month full of great shaving. The TRH1,2 and TRH4 razor handles in combination with the Scalloped and Smoothed cap with matching base razor heads all provided a close and comfortable shave. All three handles vary in dimensions but have heftiness of handle and good quality of shave in common. The Scalloped razor head with an aggressive blade gap and the smoothed cap razor head with a medium aggressive blade gap both have a rounded safety bar located on both sides of the razor head creating a close and comfortable shave with very little to no irritation at all. All of Time less Razors handles and razor heads are interchangeable giving you a lot of choices when it comes time for you to make your selections. You also have the choice of whether you want your new razor to be polished or Matte. I used several DE blades with each razor and razor head combination ranging from mild to aggressiveness and each time I experienced a great shave. ALL of Timeless Razors handles and razor heads are 100% made in America which means, using cutting edge technology in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility their razors start of as just a piece of raw stainless steel that is cut and then machined to precision, hand cleaned and then polished creating a true work of art and a timeless razor to last a lifetime and the next lifetime after that. The Timeless Razor handles and razor heads are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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